Songwriter Diane Warren Gets Stung By the BeyHive After Shading Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Album

Award-winning songwriter Diane Warren had a rough experience with the BeyHive after subtly shading the number of songwriters credited on Beyoncé’s Renaissance album.

“How can there be 24 writers on a song?” she asked on Twitter Tuesday. She was careful to note her question wasn’t “shade, I’m just curious.”

Considering the timing of her tweet and that Warren is a lauded songwriter, many took her “curious” question as an affront to Queen Bey. The decorated songstress has been a trending topic since releasing her seventh solo studio album last Friday.

The BeyHive happily schooled the music industry veteran on how samples work.

“You’ve been in the music industry since beyonce was a child and you still don’t know how samples work?? really??” one fan tweeted.

“People like Diane Warren make up most of the GRAMMY Academy and it’s exactly why artists like Beyoncé don’t get what they deserve,” added someone else.

There were many others who let GIFs and memes do all of the talking even after Warren switched up her tune and apologized.

Even The Dream, one of the 24 songwriters on Renaissance, joined the chat to school Warren on how hip-hop artists have used samples since the start of the art form.

“You mean how’s does our (Black) culture have so many writers, well it started because we couldn’t afford certain things starting out, so we started sampling and it became an Artform, a major part of the Black Culture (hip hop) in America. Had that era not happen who knows. U good?” The Dream wrote.

His response possibly struck a nerve as Warren apologized once again while telling the hitmaker he didn’t have to be “mean” with his message.

“I didn’t mean that as an attack or as disrespect,” she tweeted to The Dream. “I didn’t know this, thank U for making me aware of it. No need to be mean about it.”