Digest Information In Heaps With This Speed-Reading Bundle

The popular old saying goes, “To be a leader, you must be a reader” might be a little dated these days, but it still reigns true.

The secret to unlocking knowledge and information is reading. Whether stories or assignments for school, or for gaining personal knowledge well into adulthood, there’s no denying the benefits that accompany reading.

With so many books and information available these days, finding the time to digest and make it through your personal list is undoubtedly time-consuming. Speed reading is the answer to that issue, and for a limited time thanks to Our Back to Education Event, you can purchase several tools aimed at boosting your speed-reading level and your knowledge.

1. For speed reading

This product offers coaching from world-leading speed reading experts that will help you power through your library, allowing you to become smarter while saving precious time. Not only does it offer access to speed read 46 files and e-book formats but it also gives users detailed reports on the time they spend reading, their reading speed and how their reading habits change over time.

Get ZapReader Speed-Reading: Lifetime Subscription for $39.99 (reg. $499).

2. Your personal library

One of the best advancements in technology over the past two decades has been the invention of the e-reader. A result has been the ability to read titles from virtually any location. 12min Micro Book Library takes the technology even further, as it offers more than 1,800 micro books across 24 categories. Popular titles include “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, and “Blink” among many others. Read from your favorite handheld device, including your Kindle.

Get 12min Micro Book Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription for $39.99 (reg. $399)

3. Master the art of speed reading

Take your speed-reading efforts to even greater heights with this super learner and speed reading bundle. Included are seven courses spanning 225 lessons on memory training, supersonic study skills, brain fitness, and memory techniques, among other concentrations. More than 250 people are enrolled in the courses, and this bundle is currently rated 4 stars. As a bonus, for every purchase from our Back to Education collection, a portion of proceeds will be donated to students or kids in need, and you’ll get to vote on where the money goes!

Get The Become a Super-Learner & Speed Reading Bundle for $29.99 (reg. $1,400).

Prices subject to change.