Technically Spiritual: Part 3 – Enlightenment

Technically Spiritual: Part 3 – Enlightenment

Although this is the end of the three-part series of Technically Spiritual, for me the healing process continues daily. One of the songs I listen to consistently that enriches my healing process is none other than Back Together by Jill Scott.

I often fast forward to the 2:30 mark that warms my heart and inspires me throughout my day. During those melodic moments, Miss Jilly from Philly aka Jill Scott belts out “Oh! Now I’m walking in the sunshine and everything feels so right!” Yes, Jill, I cannot agree with you more.

Yet, the inspiration doesn’t stop there. I then progress into I Owe You Praise featuring Karen Clark Sheard, while I am coding with my development team remotely.

“When my back was against the wall your NAME I call.  You came to my rescue just in the nick of time.  If I don’t praise you the rocks will start crying.” – Karen Clark Sheard



After nearly taking a gap year on life – no social media, no business meetings, no ALPHA male stances, no nothing–I came to understand that I haven’t failed because I do not subscribe to the norm of what society believes I should or should not be. Nor am I the victim of the circumstances that occurred when I was 15 years old. What I did understand was I needed to go back to my love for tech and music–as a preacher’s kid I played drums growing up in church–that started at the age of 3.  

“When I think of HIS goodness and what he’s done for me. You see my hands go up and my feet get light. I got to praise HIM…I have the right.” – Karen Clark Sheard

The introduction of tech at an early age by my mother and my father’s love of harmonious melodies from the “Sonic Boom of the South,” Jackson State University Marching Band, assisted in shaping various creative talents that inspire me as a digital life architect daily.  

Collectively, my parents continuously fueled my quest for knowledge of education by enrolling me in after school computer classes, allowing me to stay after school to use school computers for research–as broadband internet was not as common as it is today– and purchasing the most expensive hardware/software at Micro Center to aid in accelerating my knowledge of tech.

“He opened doors.  He did it for me. He’ll do it for you, I know he will. He opened doors, that I could not see. He opened doors…and now I’m free! THANK YOU, I owe you praise!” – Karen Clark Sheard

I inspire you to find your first love and if that first love is being a #techie I look forward to us taking this journey together in discovering the amazing nuances tech has to offer.  

Stay tuned for more from Nathaniel J. and future #digitalGrace articles daily – Monday thru Friday of course [smiley face emoji] – at 12 PM EST/9a PST.

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