Discovering Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto Mexico

Discovering Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto Mexico

In the midst of this sleepy tourist town in Mexico lies the Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto Resort, a quiet oasis that gives everyone from tech geeks and interim corporate giants to parents and couples looking for a soft reboot a chance to disconnect.  The property creates an environment that limits technology and directs your attention to the sparkling pools, and the tranquilizing rays of sunshine that effectively cleanses the soul.

The Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto sits on 4,447 acres. There are a total of 181 deluxe suites, a full service spa, golf course, five adult swimming pools, one kids’ pool, and a Jacuzzi. Rooms start at $288, and go up to $5,000.  Savvy travelers can find deals by checking with their local travel agent, or directly through the website.

When it comes to cuisine, Villa del Palmar has a wide variety of restaurants that range from poolside catering, to 5 star dinning.  Every meal is an experience worthy of pulling out your camera phone to photograph the well-dressed plates of food!  Depending on what night you decide to dine at the Danzante Restaurant, located on the property, you can catch a show on one of their themed nights such as a Mexican Fiesta, or Karaoke at the bar.

As a guest, during your visit you will have the opportunity to participate in offsite activities such as paddle boarding, sailing, or a shopping trip to the picturesque town of Loreto. Founded in 1697, Loreto, Mexico has a population of 12,500.  As you walk down the cobbled stone roads you feel a rich sense of history just barely touched by modern technology and mainstream commercialism.  Bright, bold colors make up the town and burn crisp through your mind as you navigate through the street vendors, small shops, and cafes.

During your off-site excursion, take the opportunity to have lunch at one of the local restaurants such as Los Mandiles Restaurant or Orlando’s Mexican Cocina.  These restaurants are tourist favorites and serve up some great Mexican dishes. Once lunch is completed, you will have no trouble finding souvenirs for family and friends as a variety of handmade goods ranging from textiles to liquor are made available to you.  Since the currency exchange rate is favorable to most tourist, you will manage to walk away with a lot for very little spent. The resort property also includes a gift shop, just in case you missed anyone on your list.

To round out your trip, there are also a variety of activities that will keep you engaged.  You might decide that you want to go whale watching. Fishing and kayaking are another option. If you are looking for something a little less involved, a gentle excursion on a boat touring the neighboring islands can provide prime photo opportunities against the electric blue water and rugged terrain.  During your adventures at sea, you will have the opportunity to dock and have lunch on one of the secluded beaches such as Del Carmen Island.  You can request for alone time and have the captain drop you off and pick you up at a later time.

Simply put, the Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto will provide you with the vacation you need to become refreshed and anew.  With a staff that caters to your every whim and the hidden oasis of idyllic beauty, you don’t have to think about anything after the initial choice.  Block out your calendar, select your package, head to the airport, and allow the Villa del Palmar staff do the rest!

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