Disturbing Video Shows White Students Attacking a Black Student Reenacting George Floyd Death

Disturbing Video Shows White Students Attacking a Black Student Reenacting George Floyd Death

A group of Michigan teens are receiving backlash for a shocking video they filmed seemingly reenacting George Floyd‘s death.

Students from Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Sterling Heights, Michigan, took part in the disturbing George Floyd TikTok trend where social media users portray themselves as police officers using excessive force against a Black person.

Metro Detroit Narc posted the video on Instagram encouraging their followers to “MAKE THIS VIRAL.”

“The things us black people have to endure is being joked around with Stevenson’s freshman football team,” the caption read.


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The new video shows members of the high school football team using one Black student as a target. Clips show the teen on his knees with his hands behind his back, wearing a blindfold as a group of white male teens point toy guns at him.

“Aye bro you gotta fall when I say ‘Back down’ okay,” one white teen tells the Black teen.

Once he shouts the order, the Black teen falls to the ground and the other white teens start pretending as though they’re kicking him.

“Go back to Africa,” one white teen says while kicking the Black teen with his foot.

Another clip shows the Black teen standing up while another white teen points a toy gun at him while shouting, “STOP RESISTING!”

Another white teen attempts to tackle the Black teen and place him in a chokehold before he urges his teammates to “chill out.”

“George Floyd bro,” one white teen says to the Black teen.

Those who saw the video expressed their outrage in the comments with many questioning the parenting behind the teens’ actions.

“I gotta wonder about the parents of today cause NO way in da absolute HELL as a kid this would’ve been even something you could play with me…and they know wtf [what the f*] their doing,” one user wrote.

“The more I watch, the more it’s pissing me off,” added someone else.

The video has since caught the attention of school officials, Detroit Metro Times reports. Adlai E. Stevenson High School Principal Kenneth L. Cucchi III admitted the video was inspired by a TikTok video “based on the tragic death of George Floyd.”

“The school is investigating this event to ensure that no other unacceptable behaviors have occurred in addition to this video,” Cucchi said.

“Preliminary disciplinary actions have been taken and the ongoing investigation will determine final consequences.”

Cucchi said the school plans to use the disturbing video as a lesson to students about following controversial social media trends.

“In a case where a diverse group of students involved make a poor choice—regardless if their stated intent was not to deliberately harm or antagonize others—the school will use it to help students understand why this is offensive and harmful to the social fabric of our community,” Cucchi said.