Diversity Executive Shares Sonnets from Her Soul

Diversity Executive Shares Sonnets from Her Soul

Founder and CEO of full-service diversity and inclusion practice the Taylor Group, and diversity lead for EMC West Coast Region, Michelle Taylor-Jones, recently proved that there is much more to her than a corporate executive with the release of her first collection of poetry dedicated to her children–Sonnets from My Soul.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, Sonnets from My Soul is a collection of inspirational poems digging into all things courage, faith, purpose, and love. Taylor-Jones penned her collection in hopes of guiding readers to healing by way of her personal reflections.

Even as a co-founder of Black Women of Influence, a New York-based organization for mid-level and executive multicultural women, with more than 21 years of executive leadership in talent management, executive recruiting, and diversity and inclusion, Taylor-Jones found the time, energy, and drive to follow her lifelong passion for writing poetry, adding yet another accomplishment to a steadily growing list.

“It’s a good challenge to work full-time and share my poetry on the side but it’s my passion and it keeps me mentally healthy in this corporate jungle,” Taylor-Jones tells BlackEnterprise.com.

Enjoy Michelle’s signature sonnet from her collection below:

Pink Butterfly

Pink butterfly in flight,

watch her spread her wings

both day and night.

Soaring beyond what all eyes can see,

with the wind against your wings

far beyond what they expected her to be.

Rise like the sun covering the earth

with your grace and beauty,

never allow them to define you

nor tell you what you should be.

Be not afraid of the darkness or the night,

you were once a caterpillar in transformation,

now it’s time to take flight.

Soar pink butterfly and spread your wings wide,

the world awaits your splendor

no longer shall you hide!


For more of Taylor-Jones’s soul sonnets visit sonnetsfrommysoul.com. Also, follow on social media @MTJSoulSonnets.