Diversity MBA Leadership Conference Addresses Workplace Diversity in Crisis

Diversity MBA Leadership Conference Addresses Workplace Diversity in Crisis

Diversity may be the 21st century buzzword, “but diversity is in crisis,” says Pam McElvane, CEO and Publisher of Diversity MBA Magazine. The eighth annual Diversity MBA Leadership Conference & Awards Gala kicked off in Chicago this week (September 16-18, 2014). Sponsored by Diversity MBA magazine, diverse leaders in all sectors have gathered for strategic sessions designed to enhance skill building, best practices, networking and champion the power of diversity.

With the shifting economic climate, Diversity MBA magazine discovered that many companies are not fully integrating diversity and inclusion despite the rapid changes in the US population. White women are better represented today, but people of color are not, notes McElvane.

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Diversity MBA Magazine, a national leadership publication targeting executives, managers, business professionals, students, and entrepreneurs,  is published quarterly, reaching more than 1.85 million worldwide, print and online. The magazine’s “Top 50 Outfront” recognizes corporations using diversity as a core business practice. This year’s honoree is Accenture, the global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.

“We focus on impact: Are you actually driving change in your organization by the programs and the work you have? Are you actually advancing people?,” McElvane explains. “Accenture did stand out. They were particularly exceptional this year. They took a deeper dive. They are doing what they need to do in the pipeline to ensure that they develop and retain the talent.”

The top 10 companies of the Top 50 Upfront are 1) Accenture 2) AT&T 3) A.T Kearney 4) DIAGEO 5) Verizon Communications 6) Health Care Services Organizations 7) Carolina’s Health Care System 8) Blue Cross Blue Shield, MI 9) Colgate-Palmolive 10) Bank of America. Verizon was the top company in 2013.

Recent reports indicate that Black women are lagging behind in employment growth, the race and diversity issues are plaguing leadership in the NBA, and also news about Apple CEO Tim Cook’s displeasure with his company’s diversity record, make this issue of inclusion all the more relevant, add McElvane.