DJ Envy and Wife Gia Casey Get Candid About Marriage, Family, and Personal Growth

DJ Envy and Wife Gia Casey Get Candid About Marriage, Family, and Personal Growth

Raashaun Casey (better known as DJ Envy from The Breakfast Club) and his wife Gia Casey spoke exclusively with BLACK ENTERPRISE about their journey as a couple that’s revealed in their new book, “Real Life, Real Love: Life Lessons on Joy, Pain & the Magic That Holds Us Together.”

The Caseys have remained together through Raashaun’s growing celebrity, a devastating (and very public) cheating scandal, and the birth of six children. Now, more than 25 years into their relationship, they are stronger and more committed to each other than they’ve ever been, and their fans are clamoring to know how they’ve done it.

The couple met as two teenagers attending the same high school in Queens, NY. After 27 years of dating, with 20 as a married couple, the Casey’s are baring it all in the name of love in their new book.

As co-authors, Gia and Envy take turns providing their version of events recapping the many ups and downs that occurred over the two decades they’ve been together. The Casey’s speak openly about how they remained together over the last 25 years of their life while exploring the chronology of their love story with remarkable vulnerability, searing honesty, and a lot of humor.

They did the same while speaking to BLACK ENTERPRISE about their steps to growing together as a couple. Between opening up about the time Gia wasn’t completely satisfied in the bedroom, to revealing how Gia confronted Raashaun about his past affair, the Casey’s aren’t holding back.

The book relives defining moments from their relationship that helped them welcome and raise six children together, grow their personal brands and businesses, and stand the test of time. The narrative also serves as a guidebook on how couples can grow together and remain equals no matter the hurdles.

In addition to sharing their relationship journey in the book, their podcast The Casey Crew explores the good, bad, and ugly sides of relationships and family life. Press play below for the full candid conversation.