DJ Khaled, BET Networks Launch First-Ever Snapchat College Tour

DJ Khaled, BET Networks Launch First-Ever Snapchat College Tour

Hip-hop-artist-cum-social-media star DJ Khaled partners with BET Networks and Get Schooled–a nonprofit organization dedicated to scholastic achievement–to launch the Snapchat College Tours.

The four-point program assists high school seniors with the college application process.  With BET Networks, Get Schooled will host more than 20 college tours  including University of Pennsylvania, Howard University, UCLA, University of Kansas, and Spelman College, until the end of 2016.

Virtual College Visits

High schoolers can take virtual tours of college campuses from the perspective of a current college student. They can also ask questions about a specific campus or college life.

In addition to the  virtual tours, the program offers coaching on writing personal statements, an often required component of college applications. With help from AT&T, Get Schooled will also provide text sessions with college advisers. Students and their parents receive advice on financial aid and other assistance in these sessions.

Colleges and universities are increasingly using the instant messaging platform to attract applicants and specifically through the use of geofilters. From

It’s a growing trend among young adults, and increasingly, colleges are joining the social media conversation through University Snapchat accounts and geofilters.

Geofilters – defined on as “special overlays for Snaps that can only be accessed in certain locations”– are used in Snapchat pictures and videos as a way for users to tell their friends and followers where they are.

The Snapchat Ambassador

DJ Khaled, the unofficial king of Snapchat with his millions of followers, is an ideal ambassador for the campaign.

“Snapchat removes barriers and gives young people a front row seat at life’s experiences, I am excited that I can advise college students on how to give the best Snapchat college tours so students can share college life with high school kids who are eager to know more about campuses when deciding where to apply. This is a major key so the youth can make the right choices and succeed,” said DJ Khaled in a released statement.