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DJ Khaled Reveals Why He Handles His Own Money

The 'We the Best' producer states that he does not trust accountants and money managers.

Shannon Sharpe just released the latest episode of his podcast, Club Shay Shay featuring hip-hop DJ and producer DJ Khaled. In this particular episode, the talented recording artist discussedwhy he has no accountant or money manager and handles all his financial issues on his own.

The “We the Best” label owner tells Sharpe that he doesn’t trust other people with his money and that he is the one who makes sure that everything is paid, including the mortgage, the car note, and even the barber.

“I pay the grass, the car wash man, the guy that’s cutting my hair, the electric bill, the car note, the mortgage. If you pay for everything yourself, you notice you’re paying too much for stuff… ”

Not only does DJ Khaled keep himself on top of his music, business, and production, but, he goes into detail regarding his thought process because paying the bills himself helps him keep more money in his pocket and eliminates the chance of anyone stealing money from under his nose.

“I have a rule. If you pay for everything yourself, you notice you’re paying too much for stuff, right? The balance got to always go like that, so if I touch that, that means it got to be replaced that hour, no more than two weeks, right? Okay, that’s just a rule in my life. Now, if I notice I’m paying so much, if I let somebody else say, oh to pay the bills, you’re not going to notice it in real time because it gives you a harder time to fix it. While I’m paying all these bills traveling, vacation, my mom’s bills, my house bills, you know, shopping, the chef, the kids.”

Although Khaled says he has no problem taking care of everybody around him, he feels the need to make sure that if he knows where his money is going, he can know if he should take some gigs and whatever else that is needed so he can always know how his money is looking without having to hear it from someone else.

“We could talk all this big business manager, and no disrespect to all you beautiful business managers out there, I don’t want to mess up your hustle, but I’ve heard a lot of crazy stories, right, and there’s no way in the world I’m letting somebody have the power to touch the hard work, no way.”

DJ Khaled is definitely about his money – but he is about keeping it as well.