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DJ Khaled ‘Played Himself’ Making Black Security Guards Carry Him On Stage For A Stupid Reason

DJ Khaled is under fire for having two security guards carry him onstage to avoid getting his Air Jordans dirty.

DJ Khaled is under fire for having two security guards carry him on stage to avoid getting his Air Jordans dirty.

The Grammy award-winning hip-hop producer hit the stage for the 2024 South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami over the weekend. In a video he shared on Instagram on Monday, February 26, Khaled can be seen asking two security guards to carry him from one vehicle to another and then to the stage to keep his sneakers clean for the performance.

“I don’t want to get my Jordans dirty. Can I get everybody to help me?” Khaled asked. “Thank you, brothers. I appreciate it.”

“You can’t mess up the Js,” he said to the camera after being carried into the back of a four-wheeler. After the vehicle brought him closer to the stage, the guards then carried the producer to the stage’s staircase so his kicks avoided touching the sandy area.

While some of his followers thought the move was comical, many others scolded Khaled for having the security guards go to drastic lengths to accommodate his lavish request.

“I have no respect for you! This is ridiculous that a grown oversized man would do this. Smdh! He talks so much about god and behaves like this over a pair of shoes. Ridiculous!” one user fumed.

“How about wear some damn sandals and put on the Jordans before walking onstage?” news analyst Roland Martin added.

Others accused Khaled of being too “lazy” to walk to the vehicle himself, telling the Miami native to “get off (his) high horse.”

However, Khaled appears unbothered by the criticism. His video highlights his stage show which included an appearance from Rick Ross. He also teased two new songs with Drake that will be featured on his upcoming album in his Instagram caption.

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