DNC, Trump, Philadelphia

DNC Prepares To Show Black Voters What Trump Thinks About Them Ahead Of Rally In Philadelphia 

Talk about fighting fire with fire!

As former President Donald Trump prepares for a rally at Philadelphia’s Temple University, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will greet him with messaging on a billboard, a mobile billboard, and kiosks in campus buildings to show Black voters what he thinks of them. 

As the DNC aims to shine a light on the heights President Joe Biden has reached with student loan forgiveness efforts, all of the ads are aimed at Trump’s relationship with the Black community and young voters. “Donald Trump is coming to North Philly, but he can’t fool us,” the mobile billboard reads. 

“He’s a disaster for Black Americans.” 

Ads will be seen in buildings across campus but those attending the rally won’t have to go to Temple University to see the attacks on Trump. Supporters and residents will see a huge billboard along I-95 reading, “If Trump wins, Black families lose.” 

Source: CBS News

Following Trump’s appearance at a Black church in Detroit on June 15 — where he called Biden the “worst president for Black people” — DNC spokesperson Abhi Rahman pushed back, labeling the indicted businessman as “a disaster for minority communities — particularly Black Americans.” “He says he’s not racist, but his record says differently,” Rahman said. 

“Over and over again, he has insulted predominantly Black cities, and during his time in office, jobs disappeared, unemployment more than doubled for Black Americans during the pandemic, and his tax scam widened the racial wealth gap.” 

Poll numbers show that 57% of Black voters feel things would be better if Biden is reelected, compared to 69% of Black voters who shared those same thoughts about Trump. However, Biden still sees 81% of Black voters who said they plan to support Biden over the former president. 

While Trump visited the Motor City, the DNC welcomed him with similar billboards around the city. According to NBC Newsone billboard featured him with two of his fellow indicted allies — Steve Bannon and Roger Stone — calling them all “crooks.” “Trump and his fellow crooks are in Detroit asking for your vote, but it’s just a scam,” the billboard read. 

“They don’t care about you. They’re just out for themselves.” 

Efforts for the billboards around Philadelphia come after Trump called Milwaukee, hosting the Republican National Convention, a “horrible city” during a meeting with House Republicans. He has a history of attacking cities with a majority-Black demographic. In 2017, Trump labeled Atlanta as “crime-infested” and, during his time in the White House, called Baltimore “rat and rodent-infested.” 

As he cast his vote for president during the 2020 election, Trump allegedly called the City of Brotherly Love one of “the most corrupt political places anywhere in our country.”