Does Your Business Need a Mobile App? Let’s Get Some Facts recently had the pleasure of meeting with Kenneth P. Yancy, founder and CEO of Incorporated. provides mobile apps, mobile outreach/marketing and custom software development. In an effort to improve communication and provide much needed information, has helped establish mobile apps for numerous clients in the Kansas City Metro area, ranging from United Services Community Action Agency to Mayor Sly James.

Is a mobile app suitable for my business?
Apps are for any business, social event, for profit or nonprofit organization. In many cases, all you need is an app! Ninety-two percent of people in the United States have mobile phones and no longer run to a computer to get to the Web because instant access is in their hands. A mobile app will allow you to quickly and easily communicate with your customers and your members. With mobile apps, videos, audio, flyers and other marketing materials can be pushed through to the public.

No matter what service or product you offer, consumers are more likely to look for you on their phone before going to a computer or a laptop. works to make sure your message is clear and is only sent to the people who need you, a marketing strategy known as “narrowcasting.” If you are searching for a reputable mobile app vendor, Yancy recommends Google searching the company and seeing how many apps they have in the iTunes store. iTunes has a review process before apps are featured there.

Think of what you have always wanted to do and bring your ideas to the table. And if people say you can’t do it, think of

Know your customer profile.
One element of being a business owner is letting people know what you do. With, entrepreneurs are able to build websites and apps. More importantly, when they disclose who they are looking to reach, is then able to help them reach their targeted audience: they gather email addresses and mobile numbers from a database of individuals and businesses who have given permission to be contacted, then send the newly established website or mobile app to those individuals. helps its clients clearly identify their customer profile to ensure data is retrieved and sent out to the correct customers.

Break through the chatter.
Yancy says marketing and branding are really just common sense. Think about how you like to be approached and how you like to be talked to. Talking about yourself is not usually the best way to get through the chatter. However, educating people by exposing them to things they are not aware of is a great way to capture one’s attention. Talk to the right customer demographic and share information in terms of tips, useful suggestions and “Did you know?” facts. Once you gain an education perspective, you’ve obtained credibility and can then offer your service because at this point you’ve shown customers you know what it is you are talking about.


Kenneth (Kenn) P. Yancy, founder and Chief Executive Officer of, received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Baker University and a degree in Telecommunications from Devry University.  He began his career in technology at the age of 18 with IBM in 1983, learning first-hand how to utilize cutting-edge technology to provide services, facilitate company growth, and optimize profitability. As his knowledge and experience grew with companies such as Sprint and Cisco Systems, so did his passion and gift for software development and telecommunications.

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