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Drake’s $615,000 Bet On Francis Ngannou Backfires As Anthony Joshua Secures Victory In Boxing Bout

Drake's propensity for betting on the underdog to win has only paid off a few times.

Boxing fans had a little fun at Drake’s expense, literally, as he lost a $615,000 bet on former UFC fighter Francis Ngannou to beat one of the top heavyweight boxers in the division, Anthony Joshua. 

As USA Today reported, the pair fought on March 8 in Saudi Arabia. The fight ended in spectacular fashion for Joshua, who eradicated Ngannou with a right hook with about 30 seconds left to go in the second round.

Drake’s propensity for betting on the underdog to win has only paid off a few times, most recently at the Super Bowl, where he bet the Kansas City Chiefs would beat the San Francisco 49ers. As the adage goes, never bet what you’re not prepared to lose, and for someone with as much money as Drake, $615,000 is a drop in the bucket. For many, having that much money to throw away is unfathomable.  

Ngannou’s questionable choice to jump into the deep end of the swimming pool regarding boxing is a head-scratcher, aside from the economics of it. The two boxing fights against Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have netted him an estimated $30 million, which is several times what he made per fight while competing in the UFC, excluding any bonuses for pay-per-view buys or performance bonuses. 

Joshua, meanwhile, is looking to fight the winner of Fury-Usyk, which would get him a title fight even though Deontay Wilder posted a video accusing Joshua of ducking him. Joshua responded by basically calling him delusional, saying if there was a $50 million offer on the table for him to fight Wilder, as a businessman, he’s not turning that kind of money down. As for Drake, he’s probably waiting on the betting lines for the next major sporting event to go live in hopes of getting another million-dollar payday.

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