Drake Opens Flagship Store for Clothing Line OVO

Drake Opens Flagship Store for Clothing Line OVO

Drake announced the opening of his October’s Very Own (OVO) flagship store in Los Angeles, and shot a trailer directed Liam Macrae to introduce it to the world via the OVO blog and social media.

The trailer opens with Drake and a female co-star wearing OVO sweatsuits and features views of Los Angeles and Drake’s black Ferarri.

One writer says the ads in the trailer look like “the start of a horror movie, maybe a psychological thriller,” with each clip only being a few seconds long. OVO, which is Drake’s line of owl-infused apparel and collaboration gear originated from a collab between he and his manager Oliver El-Khatib.

The line features collaborations with Canadian retailer Roots, Japanese shop Nepenthes, and the iconic Jordan Brand.

The brand also has a blog, which reportedly began in 2008 as an online platform for El-Khatib and other OVO associates and has since expanded as a place to highlight the line’s front man Drake. Entertainers have worn the line’s collabs including hip-hop stars Future and Fabolous.

“I want people to be a part of our movement, I just want it to be right,” Drake said in a 2011 interview with Complex. “And everybody else wants me to make it with the cheaper fabric and put it in Macy’s and ‘Oh don’t worry we will make 100 million in the first year.’ Naw…because that’s not what we are about. I’m not ready for OVO to be that. Because OVO is still something I represent.”