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Dwight Howard’s Alleged Victim Breaks Silence About ‘Traumatic’ Assault

Dwight Howard’s alleged victim is speaking out after the NBA star denied his sexual assault allegations.

Dwight Howard’s alleged victim is speaking out after the NBA star denied his sexual assault allegations.

Howard has the streets talking after a lawsuit revealed he hooked up with a man named Stephen Harper at his home in Georgia. While the former NBA player admits to engaging in sexual activity with the alleged victim, he is denying the man’s claims of assaulting him and trying to force him into a threesome with a third party by the name of “Kitty.”.

The former Los Angeles Lakers center wants the lawsuit dismissed. But the alleged victim took to Instagram on Thursday, Oct 26 to reveal himself and clear his name. 

“I would never expose a man or intentionally ruin someone’s career which is why I haven’t spoken about this until now,” he wrote in a post captured by Onsite.

Harper alleges the assault took place in July 2021 after he spent a few months engaging in explicit text message conversations with Howard. According to Harper, when he went to Howard’s home, the pro athlete surprised him when another man dressed up like a woman came out. 

Harper claims Howard forced himself onto him by performing oral sex until he realized Harper wasn’t turned on. He allegedly proceeded to engage in sexual activity with Kitty while at times trying to fondle Harper.

“Mr. Harper was trapped in Defendant’s bedroom and believed that he would suffer imminent bodily harm if he resisted Defendant’s sexual advances,” the lawsuit said. Afterward, “Mr. Harper felt extremely violated and humiliated, and was in complete shock.”

Now, on Instagram, Harper labeled Kitty as “an unattractive man in their 40s” who “ambushed” him hours into his time at Howard’s home.

“Kitty walked in with a full beard, 2 inch heels, and a 28 pcs church wig,” Harper wrote. “Immediately I was thrown off, uncomfortable, and expressed that I wanted to leave.”

He went on to accuse Howard of having “forced himself on me” before further, forcing Harper to be driven home by Kitty instead of taking an Uber.

“The situation was traumatic and has affected me in many ways,” he added.

Harper claims the only reason it’s taken two years for him to speak out is because of “fear and intimidation.” But Howard claims Harper only filed the suit after he blocked him online once Harper tried to get money out of him.

Kitty is set to appear as a witness in the alleged assault case, Radar Online reports. Kitty is expected to defend Howard against Harper’s claims.