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8-Year-Old CEO Runs Lemonade Stand And A Nonprofit

Elijah Silva kickstarted his venture, Elijah’s Gumdrop Lemonade, at five years old, before his mom helped him establish his own nonprofit.

At just eight years old, Elijah Silva has already accomplished remarkable feats as an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and CEO of his family’s nonprofit.

His entrepreneurial journey began at the tender age of four when he expressed a desire to run a lemonade stand, according to Valley News. Inspired by an article about COVID relief funds for kids’ stands, Silva kickstarted his venture, Elijah’s Gumdrop Lemonade, at five years old, setting up shop twice a week near his home with his parents’ support. “I sell around two and one-half gallons, which is around 24 16-oz. cups…I know that revenue minus expenses equals profit,” Silva stated about his thriving business.

His lemonade stand’s success led him to request a candy business from his mother, Delesia, who nurtured his spirit by helping establish gumball machines. “I asked owners if I could place my gumball machine in their business and offered them a percentage of the profits,” the boy said.

The enterprising third-grader from Hemet has been a Chamber of Commerce member since June 2022 and recently placed his fifth gumball machine at its office. His parents, Delesia and Luis, both U.S. Navy veterans, have been instrumental in his journey. Delesia, with her organizational management background and DIY skills, helped Elijah establish the nonprofit, Elijah Cares.

“My nonprofit serves kids in underserved communities through arts and crafts for free,” the elementary student said. Elijah Cares’ mission is to empower youth through educational opportunities, foster connections within local communities, and cultivate a supportive network. To achieve this vision, it strategically curates events and engaging activities designed to facilitate meaningful collaborations, resource sharing, and the exchange of invaluable insights among like-minded individuals and initiatives committed to uplifting their communities.

Elijah’s accomplishments extend beyond business. He has authored two books and was recently contracted as a Youth Commissioner with Youth Empowerment for Community Enrichment under Sigma Beta Xi Youth and Family Services, advocating for community needs and building relationships. On April 27, he will be a featured speaker at the Kidpreneur Expo in San Jacinto, an event he helped inspire to showcase young businesses.

The Silvas believe that educating kids involves teaching them skills that will help them grow into responsible and successful adults.