Embracing Failure To Succeed In Business and Life

Embracing Failure To Succeed In Business and Life

Embracing and expecting failure is a powerful tool for success. Not only should you fail, but leverage failure as a path to future success.

When we read the headlines of our favorite business publications or websites, we read so much about success. This newly minted millionaire just sold their business. This company just launched with a multi-million dollar valuation.

However, what we often don’t hear about is how these successful business owners got to where they are. Many of them got there through lessons learned from failure.

Becoming an expert in farming and construction

Recently I was at a Zoho analyst conference and spent some time with Raju Vegesna, Zoho’s chief evangelist. He told me the story of how they’ve become experts in farming.

Raju hired someone who was a third-grade teacher. This hire knew nothing about farming or construction. Raju gave him a small budget to start constructing a building on a farm and start growing vegetables on the newly bought farmland.

Over time, as the new hire immersed himself in farming and construction, he became better at it.

Sure, he made a lot of mistakes — but small mistakes. These “mistakes” were actually learning moments and ways for him to grow.

Now he’s an expert in farming and construction.

Are you afraid to fail?

What about you and your business?

What are the things that you want to do in your business but are afraid to start because you’re afraid of failure?

The only way to get really good at something is to actually do it.

No, your first email newsletter won’t look perfect. No, your first live video won’t be the way you want it.

But, if you don’t start, you won’t start and you can’t get better.

Ramon’s 14-year journey of failure

I remember when we started my first event in 2006. Sure it was pretty good, but guess what? But by the 10th or 14th event, it got better.

We used mistakes as lessons to produce bigger and better events.

Dave Ramsey touches on this. He says it’s ok to make non-fatal errors but avoid fatal errors.

Marie Forleo‘s book, “Everything is Figuroutable” is all about figuring things out and seeking solutions to your problems.

How to find solutions and get answers

In today’s modern age of search engines and smartphones, there’s no reason you can’t find an answer for your business needs.

Here are a few tools you can consider:

– Facebook Groups are a great way to find answers to your questions.

– Pre-sales support from a brand or vendor can help you find answers to technical questions.

– Google. Learn how to properly search questions to get the right answers.

– Clubhouse. I’ve spent some time live podcasting and got amazing insight from experts in various fields.

– Business events. Attending events is another way to connect in-person with others who can help you.

– SCORE is a powerful service from the U.S. government which offers free consulting to business owners.

– Websites like BLACK ENTERPRISE and many others can provide information and opportunities to help grow your business.

Are you ready to fail?

Have I convinced you that failing is important for success? Are you ready to fail? Are you ready to get comfortable with the discomfort of failure? Failure is a great opportunity to learn more on your path to becoming an expert.

Over the years, I’ve started five companies and sold three of them, authored five books, and spoken to thousands of business owners all over the world. I’ve been blessed to have some measure of success in business and in life.

How, you ask? Every day I fail at something and use it as a lesson to get better.

Ramon Ray is unapologetically positive and high-energy. He’s a 5x serial entrepreneur, who has sold 3 companies and is an in-demand keynote speaker and event host. Ramon’s written 5 books, including, “Celebrity CEO” (about personal branding). Get to know Ramon better at www.RamonRay.com