Employee-Turned-Entrepreneur Launches Glam Spa for Young Girls

Venetta Carraway–a trailblazing entrepreneur who founded Ritzy Glitzy Girlz Club–quit her full time job as healthcare administrative assistant to invest in a mobile glam spa for young girls.  “I felt like I was suffocating at my job as a healthcare administrative assistant, and I knew I had to do something about it. I wanted more, more of everything: more time with my family, more freedom to be creative and, of course, more money. So I started brainstorming and jotting down ideas every chance I got. When I first came up with idea of the mobile spa, I was not really excited about it, but for some reason the idea would not let me rest. I decided to put more energy into the idea and it paid off,” says Carraway.

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Two years later, Carraway transitioned the The Ritzy Glitzy Girlz Club mobile glam spa to a storefront that offers everything from fun kids parties to Jell-O manicures and ice cream pedicures. She’s sought out by celebrity clients such as Chris Rock and “Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, to name a few. She’s currently in the process of closing a deal for her own signature line of Ritzy Glitzy/Cake Boss cakes, with Valastro. And, her business has been featured on ABC 7 News and other major publications.

So how does a small town girl go from living in South Carolina to owning a spa in New York City? BlackEnterprise.com caught up with the trailblazer to gain some insight into her journey and tips for first time business owners.

BlackEnterprise.com: When you quit your job as a healthcare administrative assistant to invest in your dream did you have a plan?

Carraway: Yes, I definitely had a business plan. Not the type that one would call a normal one. However, my plan had pages and pages of ideas with future endeavors of the business and financial projections. I scoured the Internet, day in and day out, researching similar companies for relevant information for structuring my business. I literally lived at Barnes & Noble’s reading business books and magazines, every chance I got. I visited many stores that pertained to my industry and I traveled pretty far, at times. I was obsessed with making my company one of the best out there, if not “The Best!”

How did you get the funds to launch your dream business?

I used my personal savings, as well as, investments from supportive family members.

What fears and challenges did you face?

My biggest fear, of course, as with many entrepreneurs was the fear of failure. I had the drive, the dedication and the passion for what I was doing, but I didn’t have a business degree. I had many naysayers doubt what I could do because I did not have this degree. It was hard in the beginning. I had to learn a lot of things through trial and error. There were many long hours, sleepless nights, and missed meals, but I plowed through. With the help of my super supportive husband by my side, working hard in the background and cheering me on every step of the way I knew I could make this dream happen.

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