Enchanted Traditions, LLC, Modernizes Family Traditions; Creates Tooth Fairy’s Tech-Enabled Little Helper

Enchanted Traditions, LLC, today launched “The Tooth Fairy and The Enchanted Tooth Box” children’s book and The Enchanted Tooth Box®, designed to help families capture memories and carry on family traditions across generations.

Founded by wife, mother, and serial entrepreneur Dr. Joya Lyons, DDS, Enchanted Traditions, LLC, empowers parents to nurture family connections and create positive memories.

“Enchanted Traditions exists to help mothers and families create and preserve magical memories with their little ones,” said Dr. Joya Lyons. “Life moves so fast and moments we treasure most are fleeting. It’s important that the ability to maintain traditions be as technologically advanced as the times in which we live. Enchanted Traditions makes that a reality.”

Dr Joya and Product
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Merging her roles as mother and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Joya Lyons invented The Enchanted Tooth Box® and authored “The Tooth Fairy and The Enchanted Tooth Box” children’s book to give the Tooth Fairy the modern, tech-enabled boost needed to keep up with busy parents and distracted kids.

The Tooth Fairy and The Enchanted Tooth Box children’s book tells the story of how the Tooth Fairy completes her nightly mission even when faced with obstacles. The story opens with a girl named Brielle who loses her first tooth and eagerly anticipates a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Instead, she wakes up moneyless, disappointed, and wanting answers. Brielle then discovers a mysterious Enchanted Tooth Box and a note from the Tooth Fairy explaining her doozy of a mission, the need for the tooth box, and how the box’s fairy dust removes the challenges of retrieving teeth from under a child’s pillow; allowing the Tooth Fairy to complete her mission.

Enchanted Traditions product
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The Enchanted Tooth Box® is a mechanical keepsake box that exchanges parents’ (we mean the Tooth Fairy’s) gifts with a child’s tooth while everyone in the household sleeps. No more stressing over getting up in the middle of the night to complete the delicate-yet-nerve-wrecking job of swapping teeth for gifts under a sleeping child’s pillow. This convenient device does all the hard work for parents. The Tooth Fairy receives all of the praise, parents receive all of the satisfaction, and children receive all of the joy.

“As a mom, it can be hard to balance the duties of work and home,” said Dr. Joya Lyons. “Enchanted Traditions  makes it easier for moms to share the magic of their childhood traditions, like the Tooth Fairy and Santa, with their children without adding extra effort or stress. Enchanted Traditions gives families time for more of what matters most – smiles and laughter.”

Dr Joya and Family
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From parents to grandparents to aunts and uncles, everyone can play a role in adding a bit of magic to children’s lives. Products are available for sale beginning February 24, 2023: The Tooth Fairy and The Enchanted Tooth Box children’s book for $27.99; The Enchanted Tooth Box® for $59.99; and The Enchanted Bundle for $79.99. For purchases, discounts, and details, visit www.enchantedtraditions.com.