Enhancing Black Representation In Back-To-School Gear: Pretty Dope Society Launches New Collection For Kids

Enhancing Black Representation In Back-To-School Gear: Pretty Dope Society Launches New Collection For Kids

Summer’s not quite over, but the back-to-school season is certainly almost here. There’s nothing more stressful than last-minute shopping, so when it comes to the essentials, shopping early is a must! Starting with the most important school essentials, backpacks are usually an annual purchase for students. Get a head start on your shopping list with Pretty Dope Society and enhance your child’s backpack with a whole lot of Black representation.

In her continued effort to breathe life into Black art, Pretty Dope Society Founder, Chrishonda Benson, rebranded her company and launched a new back-to-school collection on July 1. Far too often, Black families are left out of the narrative in the designs geared toward children. When you walk into many big department stores during the back-to-school season, it’s rare for Black children to see themselves portrayed in any of the product designs. Pretty Dope Society’s new collection was created to give Black children an opportunity that many of their parents didn’t have growing up. As part of their rebrand, Pretty Dope Society is now geared 100 percent for the kids to ensure that families with Black children can always find amazing products for the back-to-school season and all year round, according to a press release.

As a Black mother herself, Chrishonda knew the perfect person to collaborate with on this launch, her nine-year-old daughter, Mariah. With direct insight into what children want to see, Pretty Dope Society expands on the Black narrative by showcasing the sun-kissed hue of Black and Brown children on their educational paths.

Each backpack was designed by the mother-daughter duo to present a fun, creative, and melanin-filled experience. The new Pretty Dope Society collection celebrates the back-to-school season with a necessary emphasis on Black representation in all forms, especially in education. From backpacks, lunch boxes, pencil pouches, and more, there was always a lack of diversity when it came to school essential products, but not anymore with Pretty Dope Society. It’s undeniable that when Black and Brown children are able to view themselves as the main character in their book of life, there’s a boost of confidence and self-love. Get your child ready for school this year by purchasing a backpack and matching accessories that they can feel great about on that first day back.

For more information on Pretty Dope Society’s Back-to-School Collection, visit their website at https://www.prettydopesociety.com/ and follow them on social media @prettydopesociety.