‘Enough is Enough’, Clip of Takeoff Demanding His Flowers In Hip Hop Trends After His Death

‘Enough is Enough’, Clip of Takeoff Demanding His Flowers In Hip Hop Trends After His Death

Amid tragic news surrounding the death of Migos’ rapper Takeoff, a clip from the rap group’s recent Drink Champs interview has started trending.

On Tuesday morning, the hip-hop community was shocked when word of Takeoff’s passing hit the press. The rapper, born Kirshnik Khari Ball, 28, was fatally shot during a private party at a bowling alley in downtown Houston, Click 2 Houston reports.

Celebrities and fans alike have expressed their mourning over the rapper’s death. Takeoff recently appeared on an episode of N.O.R.E’s “Drink Champs” alongside his groupmate and uncle Quavo. The now-rap duo was there to promote their new album, Only Built for Infinity Links, which was released earlier this month.

It was the first album Quavo and Takeoff released without Migos’ member Offset, who exited the group to pursue solo endeavors. During Takeoff and Quavo’s appearance on Drink Champs, N.O.R.E. asked the Georgia rapper about his performance on the new album and praised him for “shining” throughout the project.

“Enough is enough. I’m chill, I’m laid back, but it’s time to pop it, you know what I mean?” Takeoff told N.O.R.E.

“I mean it’s time to give me my flowers. I don’t want them later on when I ain’t here. I want ’em right now.”


Takeoff’s strong sentiments appeared to be in response to many hip-hop fans who felt he was one of the best lyricists in Migos but was often overlooked by his two group members Quavo and Offset. It’s something that is standing out to Migos fans who are mourning the rapper’s death.

“It’s crazy fr cause On the interview on Drink Champs you can tell Takeoff was starting to come out his shell and was ready to show ppl a different side of him he even said that’s why he went so hard on the album cause he wanted his flowers while he was here smh RIP,” one fan tweeted.


Another fan noted another recent interview where he touched on the issue of violence in hip-hop.

“Takeoff was just on Drink Champs talking about wanting his flowers and answering if being a rapper was the most dangerous profession and then sh*t happens,” they tweeted.

Investigators are reportedly using nearby surveillance video to determine what led to the shooting.