Entrepreneur Launches Technology-Driven, Customized Black-Owned Life Insurance Platform

Entrepreneur Launches Technology-Driven, Customized Black-Owned Life Insurance Platform

Meet Sam Ayeni, founder and CEO of AfriKare Life, a Black-owned company that has developed an easy life insurance platform and other financial solutions to help working-class people of African descent and other people of color in America.

Mr. Ayeni, with his founding partners, Maureen Marcus and Andrew Fyneboy, are celebrating the launch of their new interactive modern technology for life insurance quotes and applications. The company started with the vision to uplift individuals, families, and tribes living in America from financial captivity and help them escape generational poverty. AfriKare Life aims to achieve this vision by caring for its clients through practical financial education and offering personalized and affordable financial products, including tailored life insurance plans.

“Utilizing interactive modern technology for ease and access, we are dedicated to ensuring that no one is left behind when it comes to financial security,” said Ayeni..

There is a misconception among people of color that life insurance is expensive, unaffordable, and only makes Caucasian agents rich. However, AfriKare Life is changing that wrong perception. For example, a 42-year-old with average health can get $300,000 worth of coverage starting at $85 per month with one of their premium A++ prestigious carriers.

One of the reasons why some people of color shy away from buying life insurance is because they feel pressured and hounded by agents who are just in the market to make a commission. Through engaging modern technology, prospects can easily run their own quotes from the comfort of their home on any device, without talking with any agents. In some instances, the entire application can be completed with ease. There is a wrong perception that life insurance is expensive and also robs people of color of creating generational wealth. While their Caucasian counterparts are using life insurance products and other financial products to create generational wealth for their unborn children, people of color shy away due to a lack of knowledge and neglect these opportunities that are opened to all when it comes to building generational wealth.

Regardless of the income range, with just one hour of paycheck per week, AfriKare Life agents can customize life insurance that meets any family’s financial needs and budget. The ultimate goal of AfriKare Life is to terminate the cycle of generational poverty among people of color and uplift the next generations into wealth creation and prosperity.

With years of experience in the life insurance industry, AfriKare Life is uniquely positioned to provide its clients with the best life insurance plans and financial services available. The CEO of AfriKare Life has a unique ability to understand and connect with his clients, which he has developed through his previous career as an Army combat veteran.

“My military experience taught me that I needed to be flexible and adaptable when working with different individuals. My goal is to apply that same principle to the business world,” said Mr. Ayeni.

During his years serving in the military, Ayeni lost a few friends in combat, and since all of them had life insurance plans, their families were financially taken care of afterward. This led him to the idea of doing something for the Africans who come to the U.S. in hopes of building a better future but don’t earn enough to save for bad times.

Much more than traditional life insurance, AfriKare Life offers multiple financial services products for different financial situations and income, that include premium financing. People of color generally use leverage, that is borrowing from banks to buy a house or car, or even finance an education but very few are aware that they can use leverage for life insurance, especially for retirement planning purposes.

Mr. Ayeni comments, “The best part with the premium financing product we offer is that there is no credit check, no loan documents, no personal guarantees, and no interest payments. The policy secures the loan, providing our clients with the potential for an additional 60-100% more for their retirements without the typical risks associated with leverage.”

“Through AfriKare Life, we aim to equip all our fellow Africans and people of color in America with the knowledge and tools to ensure their families are safe from financial struggles should anything happen to them,” he adds.

To learn more about AfriKare Life or to procure their services, contact them at 877-560-2099 or visit their official website at AfrikareLife.com.

This article first appeared on Blacknews.com.