A Global Wellness Retreat Was Created For Black Women To Catch A Vibe

Wellness can mean celebrating life in a section of a South African club, according to the creators of a global wellness retreat for Black women.

Iana Edwards and Kasondra McConnell facilitate luxurious wellness retreats for Black women to connect around the world.

McConnell, an entrepreneur and one half of Paradise + Vibe’s founding team, said per The News & Observer, that most people have a certain idea of wellness. Doing things like running, meditating, and eating healthy is wellness for many. However, McConnell and Edwards give a different perspective on wellness.

She said, “With us pushing connection as a central point of wellness, that’s not something you think about. Instead, most people say, ‘I need to eat healthy, I need to run, I need to meditate for hours a day.’ However, we at Paradise + Vibe don’t believe it.”

McConnell continued, “Instead, we think you should do those things because they bring a certain level of stillness, mindfulness, and joy. But also, let’s have some fun.”

“We went to South Africa for New Year’s and didn’t want to sit around meditating all day, so we thought it’d be cool to be a section at a club and celebrate. That’s a big part of life, celebration.”

A fun time in your clubbing heels is not the only thing Edwards and McConnell offer at Paradise + Vibe. Themed retreats in exotic locations around the world consist of physical activities like yoga and hiking. Guided meditation and wellness workshops help Black women connect their spirituality and everyday life. Wellness workshop topics include manifesting and journaling to help you create the life you want, strategies to manage stress, striking a work-life balance, nutrition, and more, according to Paradise + Vibe’s website.

Edwards, a certified yoga and meditation instructor, said per Essence, “How Kasondra [McConnell] and I approached the mind, body, spirit connection is just helping you pull the things already in you that may be latent out of you.”

Paradise + Vibe hosted a retreat in Bali this year in May. Upcoming retreats include Tulum in October 2023 and Brazil in February 2024.