Erica’s Table of 20 Provides an Intimate Setting for Networking and Relationship Building

Erica’s Table of 20 Provides an Intimate Setting for Networking and Relationship Building

Simply put, Erica’s Table of 20 is a must-attend for seasoned business professionals, budding entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. Set in an intimate space inside of Atlanta’s Neiman Marcus Cafe, attendees immediately feel welcomed in a room full of strangers. Egos, titles, and bank accounts are checked at the door, leaving every hand-selected attendee and speaker on a truly equal playing field to allow for organic relationship building. 

The monthly luncheon experience, curated by Erica Dias, co-founder of Atlanta-based PR company, B Firm PR, is quickly becoming an internationally recognized and sought after event. had the opportunity to attend this unique luncheon and experience the intimate networking event firsthand. 

The Premise 

Erica’s Table of 20 is about collective minds focused on making an impact within their respected industries coming together void of all the politics, questionable handshakes, and surface smiles. This table is a place for real people to speak their real truth. Hand selected speakers set the stage for open communication by discussing real experiences–good and bad– from their personal and professional journeys. This openness allows for the small group to build connections via personal experiences, not just industry familiarity. 

The Difference

Acceptance is something we all want, regardless of what stage we are at in our development personally or professionally. Erica’s Table of 20 provides a judgment-free space where people can come be themselves without feeling intimidated by others success. 

The Voice

Everyone in the room has a voice, and it is heard. Although there are specially invited guest speakers, the luncheon is about the attendees just as much as it is about the invited guests. Everyone in the room has an opportunity to introduce themselves and provide a snapshot of who they are and why they decided to attend. 

The Result

A connection and organic relationship with at least one other person in the room of 20 will develop. This intimate experience naturally invites organic relationship-building between people in the room–no pressure, no forced conversations, and no expectations. 

To learn more about Erica’s Table of 20 follow the experience on Instagram @tableof20 to see images of past events, speakers, and attendees. Be on the lookout for the next Table of 20 announcement and be sure to reserve your spot at the table.