Black Barber Opens Walmart’s First Black-Owned and Operated Barbershop

According to, Shaun “Lucky” Corbett, an ex-felon, has opened a barbershop inside of a Walmart.

With Corbett doing so, his barbershop becomes Walmart‘s first black-owned and operated barbershop. The 40-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina, businessman turned his life around and became a barber and entrepreneur who runs his very own barbershop called Da Lucky Spot Barbershop. On Sept. 26, Corbett opened the doors of Da Lucky Spot Barbershop at the Walmart on 3240 Wilkinson Boulevard.

“I want to open a Lucky Spot in every inner-city in America,” he tells Charlotte Agenda. “I want it to be the standard of what community barbering is.”


Corbett was 18 when he was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, and caught a charge at 19 when he was caught breaking and entering, and an additional one at 21 when he was arrested on DWI charges. In 2001, he caught a break when the police stopped a car he was in and saw him stuffing a bag of cocaine in between the seats but the charges were dropped because it was declared an illegal search.

That was all he needed to head back to the right road to an honest life. He faced barriers since no one wanted to hire a former felon and when he applied for a job at Value City, he left the criminal history box blank and, landed an interview. At the interview, he confessed that he was once in jail to the hiring manager, and his honesty paid off with getting the job. After working there for more than two years, he worked at Family Dollar, then enrolled in No Grease barber school.

By 2006, he was a full-time barber with his own chair and was able to buy his own barbershop where he worked on North Tryon Street. And now, he has a barbershop at his local Walmart.

“You’re going to be somewhere in Toledo, Ohio, and you’re gonna walk by and be like, ‘Man I was at the ribbon-cutting for the first one,’” he says. “But when you see that Lucky Spot Barbershop inside of Walmart, you’re going to know it’s going to have free tutoring, we’re gonna do bookbag drives, we’re gonna do Thanksgiving feedings, we’re gonna do turkey drives. We’re gonna do free haircuts, countless free haircuts.

“Every time that you see that name and that logo inside of Walmart you’re going to know what it stands for.”