Stuart Seldowitz, Obama aide, halal cart

Ex-Obama Aide Charged With Hate Crime; Islamophobic Rant Caught On Video

Stuart Seldowitz was a National Security Council chief during the Obama Administration.

An ex-National Security Council chief, who held the position under former President Barack Obama, has been charged with a hate crime for his Islamophobic rant.

Stuart Seldowitz was charged on Nov. 22 for the viral incidents of him verbally attacking a Halal cart street vendor in New York City.

In the widespread video footage in November, Seldowitz was seen spewing prejudiced comments at Mohamed Hussein, The New York Post reported. The 64-year-old former government employee called Hussein a “terrorist” and asked offensive questions regarding the raping of one’s daughter, even suggesting that Muhammed, the prophet of Islam, committed the act.

Hussein was audibly begging for Seldowitz to leave him alone in one video, as the clips revealed that these were recurring instances. Since being arrested for the hate crime, Seldowitz has been charged on multiple counts, including aggravated harassment and hate crime stalking.

On top of his pending trial, Hussein and his boss are planning to sue the ex-Obama aide for harassment.

“We want to sue him for harassment and hate speech,” shared the food card owner, Islam Moustafa. “I consider this hate speech, not freedom of speech.”

Moustafa continued, sharing how the 24-year-old Hussein is concerned now that he knows of Seldowitz’s background and influence.

“Mohamed’s a little scared, he’s a little worried—especially after finding out this guy used to work for the government,” said his boss. “He’s an ex-government official, he worked for the Obama administration, he’s not a nobody…How does an ex-government official speak about religion and hatred with that much hatred? A normal person wouldn’t do that, but a guy with power and ranking shouldn’t be talking like that to a 24-year-old who keeps begging him to walk away.”

The videos also displayed the former National Security Council South Asia Directorate asking if Hussein had a visa, in addition to threatening to send a picture of the food vendor to “friends in Immigration.”

After confessing to being the man in the videos, Seldowitz expressed remorse over his Islamophobic actions to City & State.

“I regret the whole thing happened and I’m sorry,” he stated. “But you know, in the heat of the moment, I said things that probably I shouldn’t have said.”

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