EXCLUSIVE: Watch Bravo's 'Married to Medicine' on Career vs. Relationship
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Career v. Relationship: Watch an Exclusive Clip of Bravo’s ‘Married to Medicine’

Image: Bravo Screenshot
"Married to Medicine" cast, Quad Webb-Lunceford and Dr. Gregory Lunceford and Image: Bravo Screenshot

In this Sunday’s episode from Bravo’s hit show “Married to Medicine,” the ladies are joined by their husbands on a couple’s retreat in Blue Ridge Mountains where a heated debate breaks out about “when does work become too much?”

When cast member Quad’s husband,  Dr. Gregory Lunceford, gets honest about his feelings, implying that his wife’s career should be the one to take a back seat in order to meet the needs of their marriage, things turn a little left with Quad asking why it has to be the woman who puts her career on hold.

Conversations around careers and gender roles in a marriage are not uncommon, with many couples struggling to find the balance between personal and professional. Watch Black Enterprise’s exclusive clip of the conversation, and let us know what you think about career and work-life balance in the comments section below:

“Married to Medicine” airs this Sunday at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.