The Executive’s Balancing Act: Importance of Self-Care
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The Executive’s Balancing Act: Importance of Self-Care

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(Image: iStock/udra)


Are your feeling overwhelmed? Asking yourself how do I balance family, business, and my needs? Learn how to use the Self-Care Formula.

I know you are saying “Self-care! What’s that? There is not enough time in a day for self-care. I have a business to run! I have a family to take care of! If I miss work who will do my work for me while I am out? I can’t afford to miss a meeting.”

I understand, but taking care of yourself should be your No. 1 priority. Self-care is a powerful choice to engage in the activities that are required to gain or maintain the best level of health. As an executive in the height of my career, I have had to learn the importance of self-care the tough way.

February 20th started out like any other day in my life. I got up, went through my morning routine, and went into the office. Went into my first meeting of the day fine, and upon leaving the room felt like my leg was dragging. I mentioned to my colleagues that I was feeling off balance, but we all dismissed my related symptoms to tiredness.

I tried to use my cell phone, but it just seemed to jump out of my hand, which I chalked up to my nerves. I continued through my day and even went on to co-host my radio show that evening, came home, and told my husband I was still feeling off. He didn’t see anything wrong with me at the time, and we just went to bed.

The next morning my symptoms had worsened. After a visit to the emergency room, I spent the next 11 days in hospitals, first in acute care, and then in intensive inpatient rehab. My medical teams have been key in helping to restore the function that I lost initially, in my continuing recovery, and helping me to understand and cope with the seriousness of the brain injury I had suffered.

You must stay on top of any health conditions you know about, as the body is a system—one small imbalance can trigger a massive failure. We have all heard it before: eat right, exercise, get rest, do your annual checkups. Choose one thing to focus on and change at a time, through small daily alterations and consistency.

I am eating better, listening to my body more, and resting when it tells me too. In order to take care of my clientele, I had to do a total life change including making self-care a priority.

Try the Self-Care Formula below:

S- Support System

E- Eat 3 healthy meals plus snacks through the day

L- Love yourself so you can Live

F- Family—take time out to enjoy your family

C- Commit to taking an hour a day to do something fun

A- Active—make sure that you are active throughout the day

R- Rest/Sleep at least 8 hours at night  

E- Environment (office & home) should be organized and functional  

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