Good Extensions & Female Entrepreneurship is a Sassy Secret

Good Extensions & Female Entrepreneurship is a Sassy Secret

As a female entrepreneur building a long-standing empire that focuses on amazing hair extensions, highly rated customer service is key. Nicely branded packing and providing a unique customer service brand experience are all key concepts that Sassy Secret CEO & Founder Tate Arnone wants her brand to be recognized for. The luxury wig and hair extension line has been an industry staple since 2009. Sassy Secret is a leading e-commerce retailer of affordable, high-quality, Lace Wigs and Hair Extensions. Frustrated with corporate America and struggling to afford the $1,000 price tag for a Remy lace wig, Arnone started selling lace wigs on Ebay.

Sassy Secret has set the standard for innovations such as its Kamo Knot lace wigs, Glueless lace wigs, U-Part Lace Wigs, and Clip-In Extensions. Sassy Secret also offers many other stylish options for hair lovers. had the chance to speak with Arnone regarding her products, advice for other entrepreneurs, and following your dreams.

BE: What are some of your takeaways from being a female business owner?

Tate Arnone: One of the takeaways that I have from being a female business owner is that you have to work harder than anyone else. You have to juggle a lot of different hats, I’m a wife, mother, and business owner. When I put my little ones to bed at 8:00 pm I’m still up well after the fact coming up with marketing ideas, etc. You always have to reinvent yourself.

BE: Can you speak to how you pride yourself in haircare? Tips for keeping your unit intact.

Arnone: Sassy Secret was birthed out of me finding ways for me to take care of my own hair. I wanted to make my hair problems easier. When I first started wearing wigs, the cost was around $800- $1,000 dollars; I knew I wanted to offer mine at a more affordable price. We carry a lot of videos on how to wash and take care of your wigs, we always advise our customers to deep condition the units. Sleeping in it with a silk scarf helps stop tangling.

BE: Define what the Sassy Secret brand is?

Arnone: Our brand is defined as top quality at an affordable cost and also exceptional customer service. We carry all of our inventory so shipping always gets to customers quickly. It’s also a lifestyle brand that gives women a chance to feel good about themselves to feel beautiful, glamorous, and confident.

BE: How do you stay empowered?

Arnone: I stay grounded in my faith and put a lot of my burdens in prayer. I’m always continually learning to improve myself and my brand. I believe in having faith and excellence in everything that I do, I’ve always been a fighter and someone who stays dedicated.

BE: What makes your brand different?

Arnone: We are the market leader in coming up with new hair solutions for black women. We were one of the first to offer clip-in extensions with yaki hair. We even have extensions for women who wear their hair natural and we have afro textured natural hair extensions for black women.

BE: What do you have down the pipeline for 2017?

Arnone: We have a new product line called the T-wig that is very similar to lace front, but it allows you to part your hair further going back. We are looking to create a better inventory management system so that our most popular products are often stocked.

BE: Any last words for inspiring business owners?
Arnone: You need to have passion for what you do. Whatever you’re passionate about is what you will be good at because that will keep you engaged.

Building a brand takes a lot of heart, hustle, and passion. Tate Arnone is a reflection of when hustle and entrepreneurial spirit meet. We want you to check out sassy secret!

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