These Facebook Plugins Will Boost Your Marketing Efforts Faster Than You Can

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and build customer loyalty, Facebook plugins are for you!

Facebook is constantly updating their algorithms, this we know. But they also keep their sharing and insight plugins up to snuff. This means small business owners can have the best tools and resources to navigate, understand, and monetize the platform. After all, business owners want to keep their customers informed, engaged, and make it easy to share their website’s content. Right? Right!

While no two plugins are the same, there are some great Facebook plugins that can boost your small business’s content marketing efforts. Below are three that I recommend but you can see all of what Facebook has to offer here: Social Plugins

#1. Quote - The quote plugin lets people select text on your page and add it to their share, so they can tell a more expressive story.

Share Quote FaceBook Plugins

Now when your audience visits your website or blog they can highlight quotes, words, and phrases that resonate with them. In a way, this can help you humanize your brand. What do I mean? Think about it, if someone is reading your blog post and gets to a juicy or really interesting point, they can share that specific insight with their audience.

#2. Sharing Insights - Sharing insights are trends, demographics, and more about how content from your website is being shared on Facebook. You can use this data to understand how people share your content in Facebook posts and comments. By learning what people like to share, you can optimize your content for your audience.

If you run campaigns or have blog series with related content from other social platforms, use the sharing plugin. Find out what links people are actually clicking on when they visit your site! The plugin allows you to view data for specific URLs that have been shared. It also creates graphs, providing additional data such as total shares and top cities where the URL was shared. With this kind of insight, you can create social media content that deepens the relationship between your brand and your followers.

#3. Save Button - Lets people save items or services to a private list on Facebook, share it with friends, and receive relevant notifications.


If your site has e-commerce, the save to Facebook button could help you boost your bottom line! By giving your followers an opportunity to create save lists using your products allows you to create another touch point! For example, say someone has visited your site and saved a bunch of items that they’ll revisit later. You can update these fans with notifications about related product deals or discounts!

So, there you have it! These are my plugin picks to boost your content marketing efforts. These codes are very simple to install and use as Facebook does all the heavy lifting for you!

Have you tried any of these or other social plugins? Let me know about your experience on Twitter @SavageGazelle!