Fair Has Appointed Toni Harrison As Its Chief Marketing Officer
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Fair Appoints Toni Harrison, A Multicultural Communications Leader, As Its Chief Marketing Officer

Toni Harrison
Toni Harrison, recently appointed CMO for Fair, will leverage her award-winning multicultural expertise and disruptive approach to help impart meaningful social change in finance, banking and technology.

Fair, a multilingual bank and financial services platform, announced Toni Harrison as its chief marketing officer.

Harrison, an award-winning communications specialist, joins Fair following its successful $20 million raise ahead of its upcoming launch. Harrison’s previous experience includes leading multicultural strategies for brands that include Pepsi, Polaris, and McDonald’s.

Harrison’s experience and knowledge will be paramount for the fintech startup to be successful and Fair Founder and CEO Khalid Parekh believes she’s the right person to ensure its success.

“Fintech is a powerful tool that must be utilized to fuel positive social change, which is why we started Fair,” Parekh said in a release. “It demands a marketing approach just as disruptive and innovative as our offerings. Toni is the fearless leader to take on this challenge because she has the unconventional wisdom and dynamic thinking to launch Fair in the marketplace and change the industry for the better.”

Harrison previously served as managing partner and president of Ten35, a multicultural branding agency. During her time there, Harrison led part of Pepsi’s $400 million commitment to uplift Black communities. Harrison also devised and executed strategies for Polaris Inc.’s entry into the multicultural space.

Harrison said she is excited about joining Fair and impacting social change.

“My journey to Fair is paved with purpose and intention,” Toni said in a statement. “What matters most is connecting with diverse consumers on their terms, inspiring systematic changes to create opportunities [for] everyone and yield impact for those who need it most. With this in mind, I knew it was time to step back from the agency and join Fair’s movement to impart significant social change.”

Harrison joins a field with little Black and female representation. According to Fair, less than 2% of technology executives are female and Black. Harrison isn’t shying away from the spotlight because she wants to be part of the change.

“Leadership requires going beyond titles and job descriptions—it requires us to make contributions to our industry, community, and society,” Harrison said. “We are currently at the intersection of skyrocketing growth in online banking, a growing racial wealth divide, and a lack of representation in the boardrooms that have the power to make a difference. Fair is designed, in part, to fill this void, and I am honored to help lead the charge.”