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Family Sues Legoland Alleging Racial Discrimination By Characters Toward Children In 2022

After a 2022 visit to Legoland Theme Park in New York, a family is suing the company for alleged discrimination by characters toward their two small children.

Sesame Place was not the only children-centric theme park accused of discrimination against Black children in 2022. A new report alleges that a similar incident occurred at Legoland during the same time. Still, unlike the latter, the company has reportedly yet to make amends with the family to make things right.

During a visit to Legoland Theme Park in New York with their children in June 2022, Breana Ramsay and her sister-in-law, Shaquana Williams, allege that they experienced racial discrimination after costumed characters reportedly avoided Ramsey’s 2-year-old daughter and 4-year-old nephew. 

In a newly filed lawsuit, they seek $1 million in damages after the attorney responsible for representing both parties, Darnell Crosland, shared that the company ignored their initial request for a meeting to discuss what happened and a full refund for their time at the park.

“We sent them a letter in August of 2022 and said this was unacceptable, demanding a refund and a meeting about what happened, and they ignored us like they ignored the kids,” said Crosland.

Additionally, Crosland conducted his own research to determine if Legoland had a history of ignoring Black and other minority children and only dancing and interacting with white kids visiting the park.

“We’ve collected data upon data of different incidents that I’ve paid for from my office to see if this is real, and it continues to happen,” he shared. 

Ramsay also claims that no one from the Legoland team has reached out to issue an apology. “Here we are two years later, and nothing has been done to my knowledge,” she said. 

Coincidentally, a similar incident happened during the same year at Sesame Street Place. The company was under scrutiny after a clip from a parade showed characters ignoring two small Black girls as they waved and cheered them on from the sidelines.

In the following weeks, as other people came forward with claims of racial discrimination and an outpour of disdain across social media, the theme park issued an apology. It enforced a policy requiring all employees and personnel to participate in mandatory diversity, equity and inclusion training.

At this time, Legoland issued a written statement to News 8 regarding the allegations.

“We are committed to fostering an open, inclusive, and safe environment where all our guests feel valued,” said a company representative. “As this matter is currently under litigation, we are unable to provide further details and will respect the legal process.”

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