Close Call: FAMU Graduate Will Receive Master’s Degree After Taking Controversial Photo

Close Call: FAMU Graduate Will Receive Master’s Degree After Taking Controversial Photo

A graduate from Florida A&M University had her degree withheld because of a questionable photograph taken on campus.

Now, according to 6 South Florida, FAMU graduate, Terica Williams will receive her master’s degree from the Tallahassee school, which initially had refused to issue her diploma.

At the time of the controversial social media post, the school issued a statement saying that they were investigating the incident.

“Florida A&M University is aware of a post circulating on social media of a student photographed in front of the Rattler statue on campus,” Vice President of Student Affairs William Hudson, Jr., Ph.D., said to the news outlet.

“The university is aware of the picture taken and is currently investigating the incident.”

“Their words were there would be a trial to decide if I violated any student code of conduct,” Williams stated. “I was a little shocked because I didn’t feel like I violated any rules.”

Williams’ attorney, David Kubiliun, added, “To me, it was a complete violation of her First Amendment right of expression.”

Although, in the photo, Williams appeared to be nude, Kubiliun said that wasn’t the case.

“When she took that picture there was no one around the campus. So, it’s not like she disrupted school functions, which is what the school initially said. Secondly, that she violated a law which was confirmed by the school’s police department that she was not in any violation of any Florida Statute.”

In September, Williams went in front of the university board to plead her case. The university recently ruled to give her the diploma she earned. Now, she is waiting to have it in her possession so she can start her career.

“I feel amazing, overjoyed,” she told the media outlet last week.