Fans Are Wondering Why Stevie Wonder Asked Ari Lennox Who She’s Going to Marry

Fans Are Wondering Why Stevie Wonder Asked Ari Lennox Who She’s Going to Marry

Ari Lennox got the chance to sit down with Stevie Wonder to talk about all things music and soul. But fans are wondering if the singing icon tried to shoot his shot during his chat with the young songstress.

The “Shea Butter” singer was a guest alongside Wonder on KJLH’s Tammi Mac Show this week and the legendary musician didn’t hold back his praise for Lennox and her vocal ability, as captured by The Jasmine Brand.

“Love your voice, incredible voice. I like the energy,” Wonder told Lennox. “I like the innuendos, you know, all that.”

The “Isn’t She Lovely” singer took his praise a bit further when he questioned if Lennox was in love and planning to marry anyone.

“So, who are you going to marry?…Who are you in love with?” Wonder asked.


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The “Pressure” singer was visibly taken aback and stuttered when giving her response.

“Oh I don’t know!…It’s really hard out here for a pimp,” Lennox jokingly replied before naming her pet dog, Galactus, as her current bae.

After watching the awkward encounter, fans sounded off with many joining Wonder in applauding Lennox for her contributions to the music industry.

“Now I don’t want Ari to doubt herself ever again!” one fan wrote. “She has a legend like Stevie praising her talent. This was such a beautiful moment.”

“Gotta love Stevie. I love how he supports the new up and coming,” one user added. “The ones will real talent.”

But there were many who wondered if Stevie was flirting with Ari live on the radio.

“I feel like Stevie was shootin his shot,” one onlooker wrote.

“This ya uncle at the family reunion. “I heard you bought some more real estate… and got your phD…. Still ain’t got no man though 😂” another user jokingly responded.

At least Ari Lennox knows Stevie Wonder is a member of her fan club. Can’t hate on that flex!