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Fans Get Riled Up Over Fake Yeezy Cybertruck

Yeezy fans have been reacting to a futuristic cybertruck they assumed was released by Ye.

Yeezy fans have been reacting to a Cybertruck that doesn’t even fall under Ye’s business umbrella.

A recent social media post garnered attention with its misinformation about the creator of a futuristic Cybertruck it assumed belonged to Ye’s Yeezy brand.

“Kanye West – Yeezy CyberTruck. Fire 🔥? Or Trash 🗑️?” a meme-based page shared on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The video showed the shiny black Cybertruck pulling out of a garage and driving off.

“Kanye previews his new Yeezy Cyber Truck going for $1.2m. Only 3 made in the US,” a caption over the video read.

Fans started sounding off in the comments, likening the vehicle to other tech gadgets and dissing his design.

“Looks like a Sony Blue Ray player,” one person wrote.

“Why is it so wobbly,” another person asked.

But as soon as the comments started rolling in, a community note was added to inform fans and critics that the truck doesn’t belong to Ye’s Yeezy brand or Elon Musk’s Tesla. It’s actually the Lo-Res Car, a promotional vehicle the footwear company United Nude sold at an auction on October 15, 2021, for $111,111.

The shiny black triangular-shaped vehicle was modeled after an abstract, low-resolution version of the Lamborghini Countach. The car gets its angled shape from the 12 tinted, clear polycarbonate panels placed on the body and its steel-tube frame mount powered by a 5-kilowatt electric motor.

Only four versions of the car were created for promotional purposes and somehow a video of one took three years to make its way across social media as a Yeezy product. Ye has yet to announce any plans to enter the car industry.

His latest business venture takes a more X-rated approach as he’s preparing for the launch of his Yeezy Porn imprint. The transition has reportedly resulted in the exit of his company’s chief of staff, who recently shared the resignation letter he submitted following Ye’s move to take on the porn industry.

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