Farewell Facebook: Bärí A. Williams Joins StubHub
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

We first introduced Bärí A. Williams, Esq., to BlackEnterprise.com approximately a year ago, in the article Paving Your Road to Silicon Valley.

In an interview with Dr. Atira Charles, Bärí shared some of the many “hats” she transitions between daily as an attorney, wife, mother, daughter, community servant, a proponent of diversity, Regional Ambassador of BEtechThinkful, and a sports fanatic– yes, she is a fan of the Golden State Warriors.  Her professional works as a rising talent in tech eventually led to her ability to make amazing strides at one of the big-three corporations in Silicon Valley: Facebook.

However, beginning Wednesday, December 21, 2016, the culmination of all of Bärí’s professional experience– developing the supplier diversity network, overseeing purchasing and procurement globally, and negotiation of Facebook’s internet.org contract for the solar powered airplane drone Aquila, to name a few–will propel her to a new position as head of Business Operations, North America, at StubHub, an eBay company.

In this role, Bärí will work directly with Stubhub’s President Scott Cutler, COO Joseph Asaro, and General Manager of North America Perkins Miller, assisting with day-to-day responsibilities, including product marketing strategy as well as mergers and acquisitions integration (M&A), which includes developing strategic partnerships with critical business partners to review, set, and execute budget requirements within the realm of managing costs after reviewing budgets.

Well, Dinah Washington was so accurate when she said, “What a difference a day made.” Although it wasn’t in “24 little hours,” #techies around the world were ecstatic to know that diversity in tech, especially in Silicon Valley , is occurring daily–and the difference is evident in Bärí’s professional ascension.

Learn more about Bärí A. Williams, Esq., on LinkedIn @bariawilliams.

Nathaniel J.

Nathaniel J. is a natural born networker who communicates his insights with passion, in his writing and speech. To date, his career has spanned service in two Armed Services branches, tenure as a government civilian employee, North America Director of an international corporation, and Chief Digital Life Architect of a startup. Presently, Nathaniel J. resides in the Silicon Beach area of California and travels weekly to Silicon Valley to collaborate with various tech companies and industry influencers to develop streaming (video) and social discovery web & mobile applications for his burgeoning startup where he is also a developer. In his spare time, he gives back to the communities he represents — persons of color, Veterans, and LGBT — through outreach by organizing scholarships and hackathons to assist in creating actionable social change until diversity inclusion in tech becomes more of a reality. Stay connected with Nathaniel J. on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat @nathanieljLIVE

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