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Dad From New Jersey Sews Custom Dress For Daughter’s Beyoncé Renaissance Tour Experience

New Jersey native Geselle Valera has a superhero father.

Just days before she was set to go to the July 29 Beyoncé Renaissance concert in East Rutherford, Valera still didn’t have an outfit. In an interview with Insider, Valera described how her dad came to the rescue and hand-crafted her a Beyoncé-worthy outfit.

Valera took to TikTok on Aug. 1 to show the process of her dad, Jose Peralta, designing a replica of one of Beyoncé’s tour outfits for her to wear to the concert. The video has garnered nearly 1.5 million views, with watchers praising her father for his dedication and love for his daughter.

@geselle_v My dad made my outfit for the beyonce concert the night before! #rwt2023 #beyonce #cozydance #cozydancechallenge #renaissanceworldtour @Beyoncé ♬ THIS A REMINDER – Beyoncé

The heroics occurred after Valera searched online for an adequate dress to see Queen B perform. She was initially searching for a silver dress to accompany the album’s theme, but with all the popularity, everything she liked was sold out or had an arrival date too far away to make it in time for the concert.

According to Insider, her cousin and date to the Beyoncé concert luckily stumbled across a dress made of a fabric similar to one that Beyoncé wore during her Stockholm tour date on May 10. Beyoncé’s dress was created by a famous British designer, David Koma, but Valera’s father decided to take the basic dress her cousin found and rework it to look like Beyoncé’s. 

Peralta, a Dominican Republic native, told the outlet that he started sewing when he was 13. After immigrating to the United States in his mid-30s, he continued using his sewing skills to take side jobs, tailoring clothes to pay for his children’s education. 

Valera explained, “Without his side job, I wouldn’t have been able to live the life I did or get the education I did.”

She continued telling Insider that she didn’t expect the TikTok video to have such overwhelming support because “Running to my father for last-minute assistance was nothing out of the norm for me; he is truly an incredible man.”

“My father always comes to the rescue.”

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