There’s a Finance Podcast for the Ladies Hosted by Angela Yee and More

There’s a Finance Podcast for the Ladies Hosted by Angela Yee and More

We can all attest to being in a financial rut at some point in our lives. Well, if you are still there, three amazing ladies have teamed up to create a podcast for you. Turn your attention to Exhibit A: Color Full Lives hosted by, The Breakfast Club’s radio co-host Angela Yee, My Fab Finance’s Tonya Rapley, who has graced our cover and Call Your Girlfriend podcast host, Aminatou Sow. These women are having the very uncomfortable conversations around finance that will hopefully help us all get in formation.

One conversation, of many, took place during this year’s 2018 Essence Festival panel, “Candid Finance Conversation with StateFarm.” The ladies talked very candidly about their own journeys to financial freedom while sharing tips with the audience, helping us all understand why it’s so important to be financially fit.

L to R: Aminatou Sow, Angela Yee, Tonya Rapley, and Moderator (Image: Instagram)


“I wanted to be able to empower myself and empower others through conversations likes these,” said Yee in a recent post from Essence. The radio personality also owns a Brooklyn juice bar and hosts her own podcast, Lip Service. “I used to worry about things like retirement and thinking I had to wait until I had a husband to buy a house. I was able to go ahead and become a homeowner on my own.”

“If money isn’t right then things don’t move. Money gives you that peace of mind and helps you to plan for future generations whether that’s your kids, nieces, nephews, god kids, neighbors, whoever,” Rapley shared with Essence.

The overarching theme for the podcast is to empower listeners with the blueprint for financial well-being and additionally, Rapley shares these tips daily through her platform, My Fab Finance, a personal finance site dedicated to helping millennial women change their money story and as she states, become their own fabulous.

“We’re just three women figuring it out just like you,” added Sow. “We’re wanting to keep ourselves accountable and stay accountable to each other, buy homes, pay off debt, learn how to invest.”

Color Full Lives in now in Season 4 can be heard in full here.