Find Out Why CEOs Are Joining This Founder Community
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Find Out Why CEOs Are Joining This Founder Community

The United States is home to over 70,000 startups. That means there are a lot of founding members out there guiding their visions to fruition while worrying about employees, taxes, business operations, and a lot more. Being the founding member of a company is a unique — and almost universally isolating — position. 

For many entrepreneurs, the concept of a community of peers who get your problems might seem like a fantasy. For a space where you can bounce around ideas with people you trust, share concerns that might not be shareable with your employees, and foster valuable relationships, check out’s Founder Community

This incredible resource comes from, which has helped launch over one million startups, earning an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on GlassDoor in the process. This specific offering from the website is designed to help founders grow and continue to grow by supporting and working with one another. Utilizing regular deep dives, problem-solving sessions, and a range of other approaches, Founder Community is an excellent resource for members. 

Apply for consideration, and you can gain access to a variety of support systems. You can get a dedicated advisor who will set you up to make the most of the community’s diverse offerings. You can access expert-led pitch deck reviews, take part in informative investor research conversations, learn from growth marketers, and check in regularly with industry connections. 

After you become a member of the Founder Community, you can find new leads and insights on approaching venture capitalists with new business. You can also participate in regular check-ins with a focus on how to stay productive, how to isolate your challenges and solve them, and how to create thoughtful plans for growth. 

This community was built for founders, by founders — making these broad-level conversations genuinely valuable by filling them with like-minded individuals from similar backgrounds. That’s why users have been loving them. Sean L. from Olive AI is a member who wrote, “Finally, I’m in a room of founders that know exactly what problems I’m dealing with, and how to work them out.” 

Apply for consideration for the Founder Community today. If selected, you will get a 30-day window for a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied.