Finding Life Balance, Day 2: Seek Peace in Not Some — but All — Areas

Finding Life Balance, Day 2: Seek Peace in Not Some — but All — Areas

In day 2 of our Life Balance series, we urge high achievers — whose journey to excellence can be filled with reward, hard work, and quite a bit of stress — to seek peace in not just some, but all aspects of their lives. Here’s your quick challenge:

Method 2:  Make peace a prominent goal in all areas for holistic success.

Cultivating and maintaining a peaceful life must be a goal of paramount importance. Distractions and life’s distresses both small and large will pull you away from this goal each and every time you allow it. Your thoughts are the training ground and springboard for your overall disposition and perspective on life.  Many accomplished people never pause to revel in or acknowledge their success. They are constantly striving for what’s next. While not entirely a bad thing, when your desire to achieve becomes bigger than your desire to BE, your existence will be likened to a hamster running in an endless circle, never at peace and never at a point of rest.

Check us out tomorrow for Day 3’s method: The Importance of Having a Giving Heart and Spirit.

Sheri Riley is founder and chief partnership strategist of GLUE Inc., a premier entertainment consulting and management agency with clients including Converse and CVS Pharmacy. Having a background working with the industry’s top achievers, Riley strives to motivate, teach and inform via her second role as creator of Exponential Living L.L.C., a concept that focuses on creating holistic life balance.

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