Florida School Board Asks Moms for Liberty Founder To Resign After Threesome Scandal

Florida School Board Asks Moms for Liberty Founder To Resign After Threesome Scandal

Ziegler says the board can't force her to resign but the governor can step in to make things happen.

The Sarasota County School Board is asking conservative group Moms For Liberty Founder Bridget Ziegler to resign after allegations of her engaging in a threesome with her husband, Christian, have emerged. During the final meeting of the year on Dec. 12, four board members voted to have the sexually liberated mother resign from the board after the three-way sexcapade became public during a rape and sexual battery investigation. Before the meeting, board Chairwoman Karen Rose and members Tom Edwards and Tim Enos individually called for Ziegler to resign. However, there are no signs that the matriarch is willing to step down.

In her first public appearance since the bombshell allegation, Ziegler’s demeanor was described as defiant. She asked the board’s legal counsel, Patrick Duggan, why the resolution was presented in the first place, as the board doesn’t have the authority to remove a member. Ziegler said she was disappointed by the conversation. “You know, I am disappointed. As people may know, I serve on another public board, and this issue did not come up, and we were able to forge ahead with the business of the board,” she said, referring to her other governor-appointed position on the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

She won her most recent election in August 2022, ending her term in 2026 if she chooses not to resign. But Gov. Ron DeSantis can do something about it and remove her. If she decides to leave, the governor must appoint someone to serve until the subsequent 2024 election cycle.

According to Politico, during the investigation, the group founder told the police that she, her husband, Christian Zeigler, and a third party had sex together in 2022. Arrest affidavits report Christian and the victim have known each other for more than 20 years, but on the day of the alleged incident, the husband tried to arrange the activity with the victim, but she backed out after learning his wife wouldn’t be there.

As Ziegler isn’t looking to resign from the Sarasota board, the scandal has brought about other fallout and consequences. She resigned as vice president of school board programs at the nonprofit Leadership Institute, which is dedicated to aiding conservatives running for office. A Moms for Liberty chapter in Pennsylvania split from the national group in November 2022 after the chair told a local news outlet, “It’s hard to advocate for parental rights when the co-founder is caught up in the scandal.”