Follow These Simple, Lupus Self Care Tips To Feel Your Best: #TuesdayTip

Follow These Simple, Lupus Self Care Tips To Feel Your Best: #TuesdayTip

The following was written by Raven Davis:

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that mostly affects the African American community. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is the most common form of lupus, however there are three others. Lupus shows itself in fatigue, inflammation, rashes, miscarriages, liver damage, heart complications, muscle/joint pain, and more.

If you are a lupus survivor, your days are unpredictable, but you have to remember that you are a fighter. When I was diagnosed with lupus, I shut down. I had a hard time accepting this was something that would be with me for as long as I lived. But when I learned my triggers and simple tips I could use to make day to day living easier, it gave me hope.

1. Plan Ahead

A major symptom of lupus is fatigue to the point in which it becomes debilitating. If we could buy energy in the store we would! Conserving your energy throughout the day is a major key. Simply planning ahead can help you to conserve energy because you won’t find yourself rushing. Rushing not only exhausts your body, but also your brain. I know we love our sleep, but hopping out of bed 15 to 20 minutes earlier can give you a better start to your day.

2. Know Your Triggers

Sometimes we like what is bad for us! We may know our triggers, but we aren’t willing to sacrifice them. That is definitely the case with me when it comes to sun; I love being in the sun, going to the beach, and any outdoor activity. I have learned to prepare myself before going out to play in the sun’s harmful rays by making sure I am lathered in sunscreen with hat and sun glasses in hand before I head outside. Knowing your triggers is important, so you can manage them in moderation without comprising your health.

3. Diet

Keeping track of what you eat and how your body reacts helps you become in tune with your body. For me, I meal-prep every week, and I try to only eat out for one meal per week. When I find myself turning into a fast food junkie, my body definitely throws up a red flag, which displays itself in inflammation and fatigue. I have to stay away from anything high in sodium. Also, having a high vegetable and fruit intake and sticking to organic foods is key for me. When everyone is bolting to the coffee in the morning, I stick with my banana, which provides an instant boost of energy.