Former Toys ‘R’ Us Manager Opens Toy Store

Former Toys ‘R’ Us Manager Opens Toy Store

Glendon Warner

According to BlackBusiness, Glendon Warner, once a former manager at a Toys ‘R’ Us store, has realized his dream of opening his own toy store.

Warner has opened his toy store Toys, Babies & More in Hyattsville, Maryland. The 1,600 square-foot location was opened last September and the store sells items like stuffed animals, gadgets, toy cars, dolls, and more items.

Warner along with his family immigrated to the U.S. from Guyana and always had an “American dream” to open up his own business. He had a business license approved while working at Toys ‘R’ Us and long before the toy store announced the closing of its 800 U.S. stores. Unable to immediately pay the down payment for his store’s location, he saved up his tax refunds and made extra money by selling toys and other items at flea markets with his wife.

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Initially, Warner had plans to open a discount dollar store since stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General were doing so well in comparison to other types of stores but with the upcoming closing of Toys ‘R’ Us, he felt that presented an opening for him to start his store in his community.

“The community that I’m in doesn’t have anything like a toy store. Even at Walmart, there’s a long line,” Warner tells Money. “God blessed me in a time where I can afford to pay the rent.”

Warner finds himself trying to build a loyal customer base while trying to stay in business. The store is brand new, and, although it was a good idea to open a toy store in the area, products aren’t necessarily flying off the shelves. But that won’t stop him as he is staying positive about the venture.

“Some days, no one walks in, and some days, for three days, I have no one walk in,” Warner says. “But it doesn’t break me because I have encouragement and motivations to make it happen.”

“It’s not all glory right now for me,” Warner adds. “But I’m happy to achieve the American dream.”