Founder of Black-Owned Podcast Network Launches Newly Designed Mobile App to Over 3 Million Users

Founder of Black-Owned Podcast Network Launches Newly Designed Mobile App to Over 3 Million Users

Meet Bennie Randall, the mastermind behind Bshani Radio which has been named as one of’s Top 20 Independent Podcast Networks. Just recently, Bennie has proudly launched a new version of the company’s mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. Users can get the app for free from the company’s official website or download it directly from the Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store.

In 2017, Bennie became one of the first entrepreneurs to launch a Black-owned podcast network under his brand “Bshani” – an acronym for “Bennie Sees His Artistic Nature Inside” – with the intention of giving independent entrepreneurs and thinkers a platform to present their expertise. The app emphasizes exclusive and original content as hosts take on a wide variety of topics discussing relationships, business, and everything else that matters to today’s listeners.

Last year, Bshani Radio launched a series of new and exclusive podcasts made available only within the app including What Tanisha Said, Late Night with Bennie LoveReal Talk with AH3Prayer for Everyone, and Black Entrepreneur Radio. In addition to exclusive content, the new app integrates a slew of new features to enhance the listener experience and encourage feedback and engagement.

The redesigned Bshani Radio mobile app contains new, highly requested features including:

• Instant download of Bshani Radio App, no signup required

• Multi-App usage without interruption allowing users the freedom to scroll through other applications including social, email, and web browsers while their favorite podcast continues to play in the background

• Brand new exclusive and original content

• Enhanced Feedback Features: Listeners can leave a 60-second audio message to their favorite host(s) with just one click within the app

• Use smaller storage space: Only using 23.7MB on iPhones and 2.1MB on Androids

• Airdrop the app to any TV, laptop, or other devices that allow sharing

• In-app alarm clock & weather notifications

• “Favorite” functionalities to keep tabs of episodes and instantly play them back on demand

The four-year-old Bshani Podcast Network has over 4,000 episodes between its two channels. 70% of the listeners are women and 30% are men. The app is a global podcast app that welcomes all listeners, sponsors, and podcast hosts. For more details, visit their official web site at