Timothy M. Jones, trauma

Founder of Black-Owned Startup Creates Mental Health Event Series to Empower Black and Brown Communities

Timothy M. Jones, the Founder of Colorful Voices, a startup that provides grief and trauma mitigation training for the military and other government agencies, is excited to present “Mental Hope Healing in Action.”  

The series is an innovative symposium series that kicks off in Pittsburgh, spotlighting community leaders who advocate for diversity and resilience.

This debut event, to be held on November 5, 2023, from 12 -5 pm at the esteemed August Wilson African American Cultural Center in Pittsburgh, is in partnership with Hush No More. This 501(c)3 non-profit organization provides a platform for trauma survivors to share their experiences and receive support.

The goal is to honor and uplift veterans, celebrating their unique contributions to professional and community development. The symposium aims to empower attendees with transformative stories and actionable strategies for overcoming challenges in all aspects of life. Jones commented, “Rather than focusing on what separates us, we shine a light on the human resilience and strength necessary for true communal progress.”

The afternoon features a keynote by CWO 5 (ret) Phillip Brashear, a distinguished military veteran and community advocate. He will share insights from his life of service and discuss the enduring legacy of his father, Master Diver Master Chief Carl Brashear. “Preserving my father as a legend, not a myth, is my commitment,” says Brashear.

In addition to Phillip Brashear, the event features a stellar roster of change-makers: Timothy M. Jones, CEO of Colorful Voices; Dr. Vanessa Guyton, Executive Director of Hush No More; Sean Callagy, CEO of Unblinded; Jared Lyon, CEO of Student Veterans of America; Marjah Simon, international bestselling author and CEO of Authors Writers Academy; Edward “Obbie” West, internationally recognized poet.

Jones said, “This is our inaugural opportunity to show Pittsburgh—and the nation—that community lies at the heart of healing.”

Tickets are available for $55 each via the link below:



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