Frankie Beverly & Maze With The Isley Brothers Present ‘I Wanna Thank You’ Winter White Affair

Frankie Beverly & Maze With The Isley Brothers Present ‘I Wanna Thank You’ Winter White Affair

Presented by the Black Promoters Collective, The "I Wanna Thank You" Tour featuring Frankie Beverly & Maze with The Isley Brothers continues on.

Frankie Beverly, Maze, and the Isley Brothers are back for their second iteration of the “I Wanna Thank You” concert for the holiday season. Presented by the Black Promoters Collective, the Winter White Affair will commence, this time in Atlantic City, on Dec. 23.

The “I Wanna Thank You” tour is a celebration between the two legendary musical groups, known for their timeless hits that pioneered sounds in R&B, soul, and funk. The first concert, held at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia, was met with much praise as all in attendance took part in the elegant white dress code for the occasion, continuing Beverly’s signature concert style. The funk icon’s EPK, entitled “I’m Still Here,” highlighted the legacy of the artist as he continues to delight fans with his music.

“Frankie Beverly’s music has had an enormous impact on specifically Black culture and global culture because he has travelled the world many times over,” shared Dyana Williams, media personality and co-founder of Black Music Month, on Frankie Beverly’s legacy.

“But he is one of the crisp, clear, clearing voices of the experience of being Black in America and in this world.”

The legend joined his fellow icons in R&B and soul music, The Isley Brothers, for this special set of performances that uplifts Black artistry while reminiscing with guests on their chart-topping selections. Featuring songs such as Frankie Beverly & Maze’s “Before I Let Go” and “Joy and Pain,” in addition to The Isley Brothers’ “Between the Sheets” and “For The Love of You” fans of both award-winning acts were immersed in a night of classics fit for the cozy holidays.

As for the Black Promoters Collective, their curation of this independent concert series is meant to amplify diverse talent in music business, while featuring this hallmark tour as the year comes to a close. Tickets to the final night of the year for the Winter White Affair are available now, with more shows for an unforgettable evening to come in 2024.