How Mickey Freeman Inspires Change Through Fashion

How Mickey Freeman Inspires Change Through Fashion

Fashion has always been known to push the envelope, and Mickey Freeman’s line, FreeMen by Mickey, is no exception. The designer’s line of unisex utility kilts is trendy street-chic, yet classic at the same time. Most importantly, Freeman’s line encourages freedom and creativity.

Freeman has always encouraged breaking the mold with clients that he’s styled. Most recently, he styled the young singer/actor Jacob Latimore for the cover of Quintessential Gentleman, a men’s lifestyle and entertainment publication. The release of FreeMen by Mickey, which launched last May, only further indicates that the young designer  is well on his way to success.

BLACK ENTERPRISE had the pleasure of speaking with the young businessman and fashion mogul to discuss the FreeMan by Mickey line as well as other projects.


BLACK ENTERPRISE: What inspired you to start your line?

Freeman: Being a fashion stylist for many years now, I’ve seen all types of fashion. For men, there aren’t many options, so I wanted to make a difference.

BE: What are some challenges you’ve faced along the way?

Freeman: It’s a new line, so it has not been easy. Since the line is very unique, a lot of people aren’t always open to seeing the vision, but I still move forward. Although the line is tailored to a man’s body, it takes a genderless approach–and women love the pieces.

BE: How does your line inspire change in the fashion industry?

Freeman: FreeMen is a slap in the face to people who may not want change; it speaks to the recent presidential election, and how we can inspire change. The line [is intended to] start conversations, and [I expect it to] break down barriers and redefine gender roles. Our wish is that everyone who wears the FreeMan brand will be comfortable in the skin that they are in.

BE: Describe your style inspiration.

Freeman: I grew up in the 90s, and [this era] has heavily influenced and inspired my style. Karl Lagerfeld and Gianni Versace are two major style icons I enjoy. There are also some celebs from this decade that have inspired me as well, including Lil Kim and Sade.

BE: Who are some people that you recently worked with?

Freeman: I’ve styled a number of people; most recently, for GQ Portugal and actor Jacob Latimore.


With a runway show currently in the works for some time this year, you can expect Mickey Freemen and his innovative utility kilts to continue to take the fashion industry by storm. His pieces are truly well constructed, ranging in price from$90-$250, and the kilts come in a variety of fabrics, from denim to lambskin.

For more information, please visit the FreeMen by Mickey website.