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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

During our recently held Entrepreneurs Summit in Houston at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, I hosted three panels that all revolved around tech.

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Follow the BE Study Guide Series for key takeaways to get your tech business up and running and to scale.

Fundraising from Startup to Scale up in the Tech Space


Jason Towns, managing partner of Groundwork Ventures and Courtney and Dr. Ty Caldwell, co-founders of ShearShare. 


  1. Venture capitalists look for entrepreneurs who have the grit and the hustle and that “something” that says this person or that team is going to find a way to win regardless. (38:36)
  2. Venture capitalists look at what the company is doing and what the founders are looking to solve. Specifically, what is it that they are building and what’s the market for what they’re building? When talking venture investment the market size is crucial. (39:40)
  3. When a VC considers investing, they want to know are you the person or are you the team that’s best fit to build what you’re building? (41:00)
  4. In both a stage pitch and conversational pitch, there are five different things that you want to touch on: what is the problem that you are trying to solve; what is your solution; talk about your team; what your traction; and how large is the market. (43:29)
  5. Need an example of a solid pitch? Watch it at (45:12)


Click here for Panel #2: “How to Use Technology to Protect and Grow Your Business” with Claire Sulmers, journalist and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily; Everette Taylor, vice president of Marketing, Skurt; LaShonda Johnson, CEO & co-founder, Houston Housewives Finance Official (HHOF Inc.) 


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