Fox Soul’s Funky Dineva Chews OUT Coach Stormy About Controversial ‘Low Vibrational’ Food Speech

Fox Soul’s Funky Dineva Chews OUT Coach Stormy About Controversial ‘Low Vibrational’ Food Speech

Leave it to Funky Dineva to read the fitness coach Stormy Wellington for filth for her now-viral video scolding her friend for eating a plate of food that’s “low vibrational.”

Coach Stormy appeared on Fox Soul’s Tea-G-I-F this week to address the viral video showing the self-certified nutrition coach shading one of her mentees for eating a “low vibrational” plate of food. Compared to her “queen’s plate,” Coach Stormy said her friend’s plate of food looked like that of a “hood rat.”

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While appearing on Tea-G-I-F, Stormy explained that the woman she scolded was a close friend, Tammy Price, for whom she claimed to feel a personal responsibility.

“There’s a history with this young lady that y’all saw in the video; her name is Tammy Price,” Stormy explained.

“I have been her mentor, her coach, her friend….I feel responsible for her success, her next level.”

“So when I sat down at my woman’s retreat…and she was the top income earner that I’ve coached to….multimillionaire status, and she sits down with enough food for three people–I had a problem with that,” Stormy continued.

“I felt not only did she dishonor herself, but she dishonored and disrespected me…it would be wrong for me to have sat next to her and let her treat herself less than the queen that she is…she had too much food.”

That was Funky Dineva’s cue to scold Stormy for seemingly trying to embarrass her friend for all to see.

“You sat up there, in my opinion, as a friend and embarrassed the hell out of this lady, right, and then it was like, ‘my plate is fit for a queen and your plate is fit for a hood rat,’” Dineva said.

“First of all, Tammy used to be big Tammy, still semi-big, she was hungry…Your plate was giving starvation realness.”

But, Dineva wasn’t done. He accused Stormy of being the “hood rat” of the crew for the way she promotes herself.

“Then to compare it to royalty, Stormy…what you give on a daily is more consistent with hood rat than her plate,” Dineva quipped.

“You had green fingernails, you was licking BBQ sauce and God knows whatever else from up under your nails. All while digging around in this lady plate… y’all was eating off of white Dixie plates at an event that people paid thousands of dollars to attend that you was responsible for [sic]. And then, on top of that, shrimp are roaches of the sea and there is literally no nutritional value in corn–so how was your plate or your vibrations any higher than her while yo’ legs was cocked open on the chair.”

Coach Stormy doubled-down and responded to Funky Dineva’s statement saying:

“All the time I’m a one thousand percent real person, sometimes I’m a hood rat, all the time I’m a queen. I’m very very that and I don’t pretend not to be. I’m a mixture of two. I’m a hybrid b*tch, by the way. I act queenish all the time, but you can always get a little hood rat within me that’s number one. Number two I hired an outside caterer, I paid them according to what their proposed budget was, for me to get there and to see that stuff, I was already in the event I had no idea what they were bringing as utensils, that is a very high-top level chef number one. Number two, yea I’m a carry myself how I carry myself all the time like a queen, and I had my versions of being the hood rat as well. I love shrimp I was a pescatan for many years I just thought about eating chicken, I love great food, I love chicken, I love corn, I love barbecue, I love to lick it off my fingers, I’m always going to do that stuff but when I gave the example it was just to show the difference. I’m not a vegan, I’m not a vegetarian, I’m not a plant-based eater. It was the amount of food and the way in which it was placed on her plate that had nothing to do with the actual food itself.  I don’t care what you, Claudia, nobody says, respectfully that food was not placed on the plate properly it looked tacky and hood rat-ish.”